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  1. I would love to have a copy of both patterns as well. Ed
  2. Yes, I was thinking of the aussie style belt like on plate 35 (page 100-101). So I will try this with double length and see how it goes ... Thank you very much!
  3. I am going to be making a braided belt for my daughter. I am thinking of making this flat 6-strand braid. I have the Encyclopedia of Braiding by Bruce Grant but I cannot find anything that really addresses the length of the strands in order to come out to a proper length. Can anyone provide some guidance or rule of thumb formulas for determine the length of the strands? Thanks in advance
  4. All good points. I like the idea of a leather strip to measure with. I normally make test patterns out of cardstock but then it does not accurately account for the leather thickness. Good tip. I have never done a pouch that is folded over but I do like the look. So maybe I will look into that style as well. How do you sew that? Inside out? Seems tough on thicker leathers or with veg tan leather.
  5. Thank you very much for the pattern and thickness info. I will definitely give it a go. I see a falcon hood in your avatar photo. Do you have a pattern or instructions on how to make one? Ed
  6. Thanks for the reply. Interesting; sounds easy enough. I am a little baffled though. It sounds like the top/front piece will be bigger than the back piece. Why not add equally to both front and back as .75 x the thickness? Seems it would will fit together easier and lay nicer when empty.
  7. I need to make a cover for an iPad but don't want to wet form a pouch. I would like to use a simple saddle stick around the outside edge. I can measure the length and width of the iPad and make a basic pattern with some seam allowance for stitching. The question I have is: how do I account for the thickness of the iPad so that I have added enough seam allowance so that when I stitch it, the iPad will fit? Thanks, Ed
  8. My daughter has recently gotten into Falconry (volunteers every year at the local renaissance faire with Last Chance Forever Birds of Prey Conservancy) and I would like to make her a falconry glove of her very own. I have not seen any patterns on this site so wanted to ask if any kind soul out there has a pattern for this sort of glove they would not mind sharing. Also, along with this comes the question about what kind and thickness of leather to use to make the glove. Thanks in advance!
  9. Thanks for the link; that is perfect!
  10. Thank you! A tutorial on back braiding would be awesome!
  11. Do you know where I can find instructions on the back braid to create the loop? I would have liked to go that route but at the time I could not find instructions or reference on this, just pictures of the end result. I did not roll the braid before I completed it which I see now I need to do. Thanks for the feedback.
  12. Yes, I meant the braid got tighter (which I would expect over time) but do not know know how to handle at the time of making to prevent the growth of the length over time. I made this from pig which has virtually no stretch. The length has only grown from the tightening of the braid. This was actually made from one piece that was rounded, a hole cut and then strips cut starting just pass the hole to make 4 strands. Works well except for a few details like the hole got looser and the braid got tighter. Beveling is a good idea that I will try next time. Rolling like under your hand or against the workbench?
  13. I have made a 4-strand round braid bracelet which fit just find at first. As time went on it got tighter and tighter and is now so loose it comes off too easily. I put a simple end with a hole on one side and a knot on the other. That was a simple design I had on the web somewhere but it is not really feeling finished, just technically possible to close. How would you or how have you guys "finished" or created a closures for a 4-strand round braid bracelet? Photos: IMG_2847 by Ed Davison, on Flickr IMG_2846 by Ed Davison, on Flickr
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