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  1. Hello, Since some time I own a Junker & Ruh nr. 22 it is similar as the SD28 but the base is more robust and has the oil reservoir integrated. Working with the machine I was not content with the result! The presser foot left marks in the flat piece of leather and the under slide was too low and unstable to work with. So..... I made some adjustments / new parts. Her a close-up of the old parts And here with the new (self made) parts (closer to the machine and a bit rounded on the machine side) The first under slide I made looked different and was straight and to thick! Now the machine is satisfying and a pleasure to work with. Here another close up of the old (standard) parts and my own creations! I stitch all my Holsters with it or pre stitch for hand-sewing if its wanted. I hope this Topic will help anyone who is working with the Junker & Ruh and who doesn't make shoes
  2. Hello, maybe I can help you with some needles! I have got eleven of nr. 4 needles and can get more of them if anyone is interested!! I am living in Holland and will ship outside europe. So feel free to ask. The Junker and Ruh needle is indeed less curved and for my work too curved! I own and work with the early J&R model 22 and have made some adjustments. I made another presser foot because it left marks in the leather and another under slide because the original was not stable enough. I think now I am posting this I will make a Topic of these adjustments.
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