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  1. Okay, I estimated the freight would be $690.70 very expensive.
  2. Hi I can but I have to have a professional but it on a pallet then ship it freight. I'll look it up and post an approximate price when I get it
  3. Sounds good! I'm not in a tank to get rid of it so I'm sure it'll be here for ya. Yank*
  4. Website says 7/8 inch I have only gone up to 1/2 an inch or less
  5. Perhaps upon looking at other used machines they are going for more like 1800-1900...I could live with that.
  6. Thank you, I agree...It is a breeze to run but needs to be in the loving hands of a leather worker, not an equestrian blanket repair business owner. :D
  7. Oops, you can call me or email me for more info! 770-548-5128 Mrsatkins09@hotmail.com
  8. I have an Artisan Toro 3200 that I bought for my blanket business but have found it is just far to much machine for me, it has been kept in pristine condition and only used 10x, I do admit I am a bit afraid of it after I sewed through my finger last May but have used it since without problems, I turn it on and sew through some thin leather to keep it moving good. It's basically brand new. I am located in Buford GA and I will take no less then $2,100 for it.
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