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  1. Just wanted to say "thank you" to all who answered my thread here. Soon after posting this I lost my Internet at home and and work (switching to different carriers), it took forever to work again, and then I was so stressed over it, I got sick in bed with fever and upper respiratory infection. So I apologize for posting and not being around. I'm better now and will be back on here. Thank you all again! Much appreciated!
  2. Thank you Matt & Art. I have not stropped it - I guess I need to learn how to do that! I'll read up on that, and then also seriously consider purchasing from Ron's Tools. His tools look *amazing*! I'm just nervous about spending close to $100 for one tool. Hopefully it will be all that and more if I do. Thank you for your replies.
  3. Good Morning all and thank you for reading my post. I've been using a Tandy keen edge groover #2, and lately it's been tearing into my leather instead of smoothly edging it. I'm thinking it's because I'm using a thinner leather and that this just can't be avoided with this tool. I want to upgrade to a nice new tool, but I'm not sure which one. Is there a big difference between the Barry King edger and the Tandy? and then also is there a difference between Ron's tools and Barry Kings tools? All are different price points, so it's hard to tell what I really need to do the job. For reference, I make dog collars and am using a Tandy #2 edger. The grooved edgers are around $55 for Barry King and Ron's tools round edger is about $90. (and what about Montana edgers?) Any advice on if I need to upgrade and what the difference is between the tools would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!
  4. Thank you Dawg Club. Thank you Spence! This is very insightful. I'm sure over time I will develop what will work for me as well. I was using the pre-cut latigo strips, then I moved onto the latigo 1/2 hide, but was cutting widthwise! Now when I cut this new hide I will be cutting it right. Thank you so very much.
  5. Thank you *SO* much!!! I had been doing it the opposite way and experiencing leather issues. Now I know why. Thanks again!
  6. Thank you to robertmico and Spinner for recommending Goliger. I live in driving distance to them, and I went and met with Cheryl and Carlos, and they are absolutely wonderful to work with. I left with a gorgeous H.O. latigo that is just stunning in comparison to what I've seen (not saying I've seen much, since I was buying at Tandy), but oh my Goliger's leather is just gorgeous. Needless to say Carlos spent a good few hours with me giving me a tour and letting me see all the leathers they sell. They've also got some gorgeous H.O. bridle I'm going to get next. Thank you for this thread! Appreciate you all very much!
  7. Hi Aaron, Thanks for posting that site. I haven't found anywhere yet that's less than Tandy. It just depends what your purchasing level is there. And even at best, they are still about $6 dollars each. Still working on locating them. If I do, I'll post back here.
  8. Hi Aaron & Spence, Thanks for bringing this subject up. I didn't realize the chemicals were that harsh and considered carcinogenic. I haven't seen any veg tanned leather at Tandy that I would use for the collars - I was using this when I first started making them and since I put one on a big dobie at a rescue - it killed my whole idea of even thinking of using this leather. The collar looks like it's been though the mill and it was only a week from the time I put it on him, until I saw him again. The rescue is outdoors. I'll have to do a little research on this. I'm not a fan of anything carcinogenic, so this may put a new twist on something I'm already worried about!
  9. Good day all, thank you in advance to anyone reading this and willing to offer advice! I just joined the forum recently and have only been doing leatherwork for about 6 months. My specialty is dog collars, and I wanted to know Is there a specific way I should be cutting these straps from the hide? For example, should I be cutting the straps lengthwise, or widthwise? When I first began others around me said it didn't matter, but last nite I was reading Al Stohlmans' Encycolpedia of Saddle Making, and they specifically state do not cut straps widthwise. Any assistance is much appreciated. Thank you!
  10. Hi Aaron... I've been searching for them, day and night online and offline. Still haven't located them anywhere at a reasonable price. I'll let you know if I find it. Just now is the first time I've ever even seen the peach. And wow! I love this one! Now I really want to find them.
  11. Thanks for writing this thread. I had a list I was sending to ST, that after I read your post last nite, I changed my mind! Although my list didn't include any leather, I'm still somewhat hesitant to order my hardware from here.
  12. Hi, I'm searching for the same. I don't know of the buckle set you're talking about, only the horseshoe and heart conchos. If I find somewhere I'll message or post here. The only place I've seen them so far is Tandy but they're quite expensive. Did you have any luck finding a supplier yet?
  13. Hi Lightingale, I was very sad to see your photo and read about what happened. My heart goes out to you. <3 You are one lucky girl with a husband that rescued not only your animals, but your tools and current project too! Bless his heart! This was the sweetest thing to read, as well as all the support from the members here. I'm new to this forum, and it's nice to see the support everyone is showing to you. If I can do anything to help, please ask. I have a Tandy store not too far from my office if yours can't get what you need. Happy to hear everyone is safe. I know the road ahead will be difficult, but please find comfort in your loved ones and the support you have here. You can email or PM me if you need me to search for something at my Tandy Leather for you. Wishing you much support, good energy and strength in the coming days. * * *
  14. Thank You! I'm new to leathercraft, and I think you just inspired me with your tutorial. Thank you for posting this.
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