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  1. Need to know what kind of leather that you use to make your belts? I prefer to cut my own strips. Wanting to make single layer belts preferably 10 ounce or heavier leather. Any recommendations and sources appreciated.
  2. I have a Cowboy 3200. My machine was making a clicking /knocking noise and I pulled the bobbin shuttle out. The small screw at the base of the bobbin case had worked out some and was hitting on the race with each revolution. I tightened this screw and the clicking went away. Just another thing for you to check. Hard to believe such a small screw was making so much noise.
  3. My last order for blue guns was from Rob at The Blue Gun store. Seems he doesn't stock many any more. They are just drop shipped from the Ring's factory. I ordered eight at one time and it took five weeks to get my order. Wasn't too pleased.
  4. Called Bob K. I have one on the way. He said that they just grind them down to get an open toe.
  5. I have a Cowboy 3200. Wondering if anyone has ground off the front of the center needle foot so that the needle point is visible while sewing? Or maybe it is interchangeable with another brand that has an open needle foot?
  6. Thanks for the reply. Where is the best place to order needles?
  7. Does the Tipmann Boss use the same needles as the 441 clones? ( cobra/ Cowboy)
  8. Thanks BHP. Near as I can tell, they are both same length and width but the trigger guard looks to be a different shape.
  9. Is the S&W SD9 VE the same size as the older model Sigma SW9 v Blue gun? Or where can I obtain a Blue gun for the SD9 VE?
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