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  1. Thanks So much your answers were very helpful. I think i will try to use veg tan leather to fill the handles.
  2. I am in the process of making a bag similar to the hermes depeche briefcase. Its definitely a daunting task and i have recently been stuck on making the handles. http://thumbnail.image.rakuten.co.jp/@0_mall/maison/cabinet/item-spec10/6000031301.jpg As you can see there is something inside the leather and i dont know what to put inside. i was thinking maybe something like in this video at 1:15 theres something that he puts into the handle and i wanted to know if that could work although i have no idea what that is, maybe rubber? Also i dont have the filetuesue or whatever its called from mando (the edge burning tool) and i know that hermes uses that to finish edges. If i follow Bob Park's tutorial on finishing edges without doing the polishing is it possible to get the same kind of matte edges that hermes has? Thanks
  3. nice stitching, and thanks for the tip i will definitely look into it.
  4. Thanks for the Help Nigel. I just wanted to ask for 2-3mm leather will the 9 hole per inch work or should i get somehthing a little bigger
  5. In this video at around 1:29 The artisan uses a tool for burning the edges of the leather, with i am guessing wax. What is this tool and where can i get it?
  6. I have recently tried to get into leather working. i wanted to get a very small stitch on my bags (as i have seen many profesional companies using such stitches) and i wanted to know if this is possible. I have been researching into Hermes and their bags and they seem to be using very small pricking tools and stitches. However when i went to Tandy Leather the guy there told me to instead use a 4 hole punch because if i didnt the bag wouldnt be strong enough. Any Tips?
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