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  1. How much would you charge? I know different styles may have different prices. I need womans size... not dove wings also bronc nose bands.. just a couple in different styles, let me know, thanks!!
  2. Hello- new member here. I am just getting interested in the art of leather tooling. I have not tooled anything yet, but I have been doing alot of video watching and forum reading. I ordered a kit from Tandy Leather to get me started. After I do the projects in the kit, I would like to tool my own spur straps. I do not have the means to cut out my own items right now and I needed some pre-cut spur straps, I don't need buckles or sewn edges, just the blanks (and the proper slits and holes cut into them. For the life of me, I cannot find ANYWHERE online to buy them just like that. I know there are several different styles that can be cut (if you have the dies) and I was wondering if anyone here could cut me out a pair and how much it would cost to ship to CA? Thank you for your help!
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