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  1. Do you have a Facebook that u post pics to? I see a lot of your work here and would like to see more
  2. Help! I just made my first guitar strap. It's for my nephew. He's only 3 so it's small but its pretty nice and the tooling i liked alot but..... What I did - cut stamped dyed with tandy Eco pro and used Aussie conditioner to seal and finish it. Here's what it looked like... But then I started to "bend it" a little to "loosen or soften" it and it gave me wrinkles HELP!!!!! I don't like this is it normal? On the part that is part of the buckle strap is thinner and when I bent that it didn't do this.... That's question one. Question two. What do I do to the back to make it smoother? I just used veg tan from tandy and dyed it. It is kind of rough and I kinda have the same problem on some of my belts. Any ideas?
  3. Got a question on paint. I bought some Eco paint from tandy which is water based but my wife uses an acrylic water based paint for arts and crafts and I tried it.. It had the same results But I'm curious about its diffrences or its durability. The price diffrence it about half that's why I ask. Any comments?
  4. I just printed up a very tiny brimmed hat pattern lol. Has any one else done these? There's no directions. Thank you by the way
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