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  1. Hi everyone, this is my new shoulder bag design, i hope that you will like it. it is a simple bag, but ofcourse a lot of work, long stitching. Happy to hear any review.
  2. Thanks. yes true, it is not possible to put the tobacco into pouch without plastic liner, it will dry very fast and not possible to smoke.
  3. Thank you for your nice words. Small pocket is for rolling paper. A place for a lighter could be nice really. I will try to add later.
  4. I quit smoking 3 years ago, long time i did not make a tobacco pouch, this one is for a friend request. In the video you can see the dimensions.
  5. Thanks, unfortunately i have never tried with nubuk, maybe with a really sharp knife it could be possible, but looks difficult.
  6. Another phone case, I put a metal button inside leather and molded. ...and here is the video, showing how to make.
  7. Thanks for comment YinTx, I am not so good on stamping, actually i have all different mallets, in the video you will see 3 different, wooden, rubber and metal. maybe my stamp is not good quality, with metal hammer it is more clear and i am a bit lazy:) you are totaly right, one of my stamp already bended. i will look for better stamp and mallet.
  8. Hi All, I drop my phone so often, i ve already changed 3 screens in one year, at the end i learned how to change it by myself:) and i decided to make a leather case. I dont like to carry it on the belt, it is so big for that, thats why i did not make any type of belt loop. ...and the video.
  9. I have been recently started to create leather videos, still very new and not too much videos, but i appreciate if you would have a look , maybe you could find something helpful or interesting, i want to develope my channel more. i would be so happy if you can make some critics and give some suggestions. i am not a master, and still learning but i enjoy shooting videos how i am doing it and interested to editing. thanks a lot, happy leather projects. Here is the link of my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4NV-ozqrZ_4JY1gujQ--nQ/videos
  10. Nice, the key is heaviness i think, if you can find heavy marble piece it would work well too. happy that you tried and it worked.
  11. Any hard smooth surface is ok, for down part and upper part, just need to be heavy, i had this wood piece and it worked well but actually if you use heavy marble piece for rolling it is the best, it will be faster,.
  12. Thanks for your comment. i agree that this part looks like a bit not complete, thank yuu for the example looks interesting, i will think about it.
  13. Thnks for your critiques, i agree thinner thread might be better, actually i used 0,8mm but the the distance between holes are 5 mm, i think 4 mm will look much more better. Before i made different coin case part and was able to stitched to the main mart without any space, this time i wanted to try this, with this technic it is a bit difficult to stitch all layers together without any space at the down part, possible but difficult, i think if i leave space on sides same as down part, it could be better.
  14. Very beautiful bag, i like a lot when it takes its age and how it changes after few months with the oil of your skin. Unfortunately customers does not understand the value, and they want it dyed.
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