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  1. So since I am using a core (Micro Paracord 2mm) would I make the loop in the core(the size and etc that I want it) then I would start braiding, go around the loop and backbraid. Once I finished backbraiding I would proced down the leash like normal. How would I attach the leather to the core?
  2. Yeah, you get what I am asking. I am still a little confused. How could I back braid at the loop? I have used this tutorial (http://myriam.dakotabraiding.com/Tutorials/Leash/Leash.html) and understand how to backbraid the handle, but that is if you have a clip at the other end.
  3. Hello! I am a complete newbie when is comes to making kangaroo leather dog show leads. I have ordered kangaroo leather, paracord, and beads and I am excited to get started. I have a question though, all of the tutorials I have found on here are great for braiding the lead and doing the handle, but all of the leads have a clip. I cant have clips on my leads because I will somehow unclip it while showing, haha! is there anyone who can help me or guide me to a tutorial somewhere? Thanks everyone!
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