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  1. Well done! It looks very nice. Do you have pictures of the inside you can share?
  2. I received the set I ordered for my Cowboy cb3200, and installed it this morning. The fit is precise, and the finish is well done. I keep this machine set up with 138 thread for lighter work on softer and thinner leather than I do on my Cobra 4, and I’ve had trouble with the edges of my work getting sucked through the slot of my standard plate on this machine. I just ran a test with some soft chrome tanned leather, and it went very well. I believe this is going to solve my problem. I’m very pleased.
  3. Hello Kwaaked, and welcome! Fellow Tennessean from the Chattanooga area here. My wife has family in St. Joe, Loretto, and Lawrenceburg, so I’m familiar with the area. Welcome aboard!
  4. Very nicely done. I enjoy working with the Sully. It’s beautiful leather, and your design and workmanship are spot on.
  5. I have 14 genuine American alligator skins for sale. All of these skins were professionally tanned by and purchased from American Tanning and Leather in Griffin, GA, and they have the CITES tags attached. I will be happy to send closeup pictures and/or detailed condition information to anyone interested in any particular skins. These are available for shipment to US addresses only in states where trade in alligator skins is legal. Buyer pays the shipping for any purchase under $600. I will pay the shipping for any skin or combination of skins totaling $600 or more. I’m located in southeast Tennessee, and would be happy to arrange a personal inspection or pickup. Here is a listing of the skins. Size Grade Color/finish Price 73cm 4/5 Peanut glazed $350 24cm 4/5 Peanut glazed $100 57cm 2/3 Chocolate matte $500 54cm 3/4 Beltrami brown matte $400 52cm 3/4 Chocolate matte $400 47cm 2/3 Chocolate millennium $450 54cm 2/3 Beltrami brown matte $500 48cm 2/3 Kralle brown matte $475 62cm 4/5 Peanut glazed $325 48cm 4/5 Jamocha glazed $300 49cm 4/5 Sport rust glazed $300 54cm 2/3 Beltrami brown matte $500 51cm 3/4 Chocolate matte $400 33cm 1/2 Black millennium $250
  6. Anyone know where I can find a blue gun or other molding prop for a classic model 29 S & W 44 magnum with a 4” barrel? I’ve tried my regular sources, with no luck. I would appreciate any help. Phil
  7. @DustinSmith Very nice! What secrets can you share about how you keep your basketweave lined up so beautifully?
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