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  1. That’s the fun of It getting better with each one you make. I made many wallets till I was a little happy. Nice job well done.
  2. A beautiful belt, very nice tooling, color is very nice, a all around lovely belt
  3. Thanks for responding to my question, I read most of your comments and articles enjoying them greatly. If you had to pick a sewing machine today what would you choose.
  4. I sew belts, holsters, and other items on my cowboy 227r, what I need advice for a machine for light leather such as wallets. I find when using thread below size 92 a problem. I looked at Juki 1451s but the reviews were not good. I am sure that people will say that the cowboy will work fine, and that’s okay but I want a light machine just set up for light work with leather, canvass,etc.
  5. That chest is really nice, I have a cheap one that came from a friend of mine and I really like it. That chest is awesome and a great place for all those leather working tools.
  6. Great looking chair, I know what my next project wii be
  7. That is a very nice piece of work, make a messenger bag next, I’ll bet bay would be very nice two.
  8. Absolutely some of the best work that I have ever seem. Awesome work please share your work always
  9. That’s how I got my son into leather working, then we did a fantasy helmet and all his friends loved it
  10. Bikermutt07, that’s how I got started just like you and at least that amount of money. Now I make belts for all my bike friends. I also made wallets, messenger bags, etc. I just made a small change purse for windshield pouch.


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