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  1. I use Buckskin Leather. Competitive pricing the leather is excellent quality. Service second to none. They have stores in Calgary, Edmonton and Nanaimo I think I've never shopped the Vancouver Island store so the community may be wrong here. I use the Calgary store as I've made a personal business contact whom works there. Its almost like shopping in person. I call the 800 number for the warehouse in Calgary request the person to call back they call back as soon as they are fee and show me pictures of the actual side I get. Shipping is free over so much. Their web site is not designed to shop from though. A small price to pay for the personalized service though. Wholesale Leather Supplier | Leatherworking & Leather Craft Supply (buckskinleather.com) I would call Tandy and express my dissatisfaction. The bloom should buff off not usually a sign of poor quality just long storage its fats and tallows put into the hide during the currying stage. Dark marks are part of the character. But the scuff marks are poor handling and the person whom picked the hide not caring or not knowing what a side should look like. If you get no satisfaction send the hide back and get your money returned.
  2. I have never used Fil Au Chinois So I cant form a real opinion on this thread. I still have some 3/18 that is tough thread. Its a larger diameter than 0.06 Ritza which i use a lot of now. When stating longevity I used to do Harness and Saddle work and burried my thread in a groove where it did not wear as far as wax I used it was a cobblers wax I learned to make from my grand father. basic recipe was bees wax pine tar and rosin. That wax locked the stitch and it wouldn't rot Unless you berried it for a couple years. Anything will wear when its rubbed. I have changed how I stitch and what I use due to Nigel Armitage. I appreciate Nigel's knowledge and processes.
  3. As with anything times change. Now it depends on the look you desire for your project or the use of the project being made. Properly used un waxed linen will last a life time. After getting the taper you desire wax the thread just plain old bees wax works well, if your project is going to be submitted to moisture then use a cobblers wax this will darken the thread a bit but it will absolutely lock your stitch and almost totally water proof your thread. I personally prefer in natural threads Linen over hemp I find hemp brittle and stiff. All the polestar threads sew ok if you desire a round thread look them Vimeo or Twist will suit but the true classic look is a 3/18 linen. Ritza is a flat braid makes a nice stitch not too expensive and will last your lifetime for sure.
  4. Hi again. Last time I signed in was 2013 to sell an old Pearson sewing machine. So a short introduction to myself and my history is needed. I dislike sewing machines. This is a personal thing as I do not think they are inferior I just like Saddle Stitching. My grandfather taught me when I was very young. I made my living in the early 1070s selling my leatherwork. My wife and I made a family and needed more cash flow, so I became a camp logger. that kept the roof over and family fed until our kids set out on their own. The last 15 years I was a small business owner operator. I'm now retired and back making nice things out of leather by hand.
  5. Hello Singermania. This machine will be as is where is. $1800.00 cnd. Shipping would be your responsibility. I would strip it down to machine and base. crate it. Msg you when done and you could make arrangements for pick up.Money in account before shipping would take place. Best regards Robert Broome.
  6. Hi Singermania. This machine was my fathers and it sewed well. The machine has not used in about 5 years maybe a little longer. Right now it is in my flytying room surronded with rods so I am going to have to dig it out and take some pictures.I do know dad had set it up to run with a electric motor I also have that. There are a couple bobins and some needles and a bobin winder I belive. Ths machine originally came out of Riley McCormic in Calgary Alta. That is about all I know. I know it is being wasted in my basement I know my father would not have wanted that.
  7. Hello I have a Pearson #6 I may want to sell. I am wondering what the rules are for listing ETC. Thank you. Robert Broome
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