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  1. Another option would be to stamp the letter then take a backgrounder and set the letter below the surface then paint and finish. if its riding proud and rubbing on other gear its gonna wear. It looks nicer raised but in this case maybe function first.
  2. Not sure exactly what it looks like so just a few thoughts from 40 years of laminating countertops and such. If you are working on leather and metal could you use some earth magnets to align the leather with the holes that you are concerned about, then peel it back to the first hole and glue around the hole let it set and move on to the next hole, if you can get a couple of holes glued using the mags to hold in place u should be able to get the rest glued. Tandy and others sell some small red plastic glue paddles that can get into tight spots to apply glue. in the danger areas u could also use some wax paper to prevent sticking until you are ready to pull it. just don't paint yourself into a corner or ur done. I like the small silver earth mags that are about 1/4 thick and 1/4-3/8 across just be aware thet they hold goos and should be small enough to work on a curved surface. Practice a little prior to gluing, you can do it. good luck.
  3. welcome back, happy to see you made it thru what had to b a trying experience.
  4. when I try to open I get error msg that windows cannot open due to some type of zip error. I have to go for now but will get back with you later tonight or in the morning. see if you can make it into a pdf file or send it to my email address?
  5. Hey, Desert gun, this is a well done set. the gun itself is harder to design for because it is so flat. i shouldered mine on the front of the forearm, the end of the barrel and the trigger guard. Desert gun shouldered his on the scope, forearm and trigger guard. both work fine but i like the molded look better and the bold thread it adds to a better look. I also like the way desert gun thinned the strap under the scope but left the rest wider. if i put my 30 30 barrel on my contender i would need some kind of articulated holster as well as i am short so it would hang down further than this one.
  6. I built this prototype holster for my contender a few years ago. it needs to be redeveloped with a little thinner leather on the back think it is about 12 and could be 9 oz. the belt could be a little thicker, however the wider belt carries the holster well up on my hip. i closed the end as the long barrel could snag snow when i am on stand deer hunting. sorry, thought i had it sized down far enough
  7. I ran into this scam on Craigslist, seems its been around for a while. i told the guy when u show up with cash we will deal. never heard from then again.
  8. nice job Yin, why u worrying about what someone else thinks? Last winter i worked to complete Steve Yezeks challenge of 100 flowers in one hundred days. It didn't work out like i wanted (took more than 100 days) but did manage to complete around 100 + flowers n other things. i dated and numbered them then put them in a 3 ring binder as i completed them that way i could track if i was making any headway. i learned a lot and could use the completed pieces to test new techniques as i already had a good idea of what i did wrong on the finished ones. and i used up a pile of scrap that i wouldn't use for anything else. sad to say I'm a long way from Steve's class but had a great time behind the hammer.
  9. rossr, nice job as always. where u getting the colored deer skin? i should have some around here for liners.
  10. From your photo it looks like the band is about 1 inch or a little wider with the fold of the brim at the bottom behind the hat band. Could you take a thin strap the same width as the band, of leather like kangaroo skin insert it around the hat and run pva glue between the strips? It would be a fairly delicate restoration as you would not want glue to soak down into the brim area and soak thru but if a guy was careful it should work out, When the glue is dried for a day then you could condition the existing hatband, it should take, and the glued backing would add valued support to an otherwise lost cause. not sure that this would be considered a period restoration but it would salvage the band.
  11. I watched a u tube vid on this item. the guy used candle wax rubbed on the project n rubbed it with some kind of pad. if you google dieselpunk.ro u can review the vid. for yourself.
  12. Thank you for the Christmas present. I enjoy studying your holster designs.
  13. Rossr, I like all your knives but have to say the is one of your top knife designs. A lot of the Bowie's that i see are not balanced, ( at least to my eye) to big in the blade and to small in the handle. This one is well balanced with both blade and enough handle for a great grip wet or dry. nicely done.
  14. I have a small shop about 20x20 that is attached to my metal building. the entire shop floors ceiling and walls are 6 inch and well insulated. After some debate on propane, natural gas, electric, wood heat, i decided on electric heat for now. I am remodeling my carpenter shop this winter, when that is completed i would like to install a propane furnace of some kind that can be tapped for the leather studio as well. In the meantime i installed a 120.00 dollar 5000 btu 240 volt electric heater. this unit does an excellent job in keeping the shop around 48 to 50 degree's, it hangs from the ceiling above the entry door and is easy to adjust when i come in in the morning. The cost of running it in northwest wisconsin during the cold months is about 90-95.00 per month. But i have to say there is no muss no fuss no odors with it so it may stay.
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