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  1. After checking out the web site. It said to go to the list of guild sites. There doesn't seem to be a list on this site. Can you check your end or letr me know what i am doing wrong.
  2. I was reading some of the sewing post and saw where someone was looking for a place to buy attachments. Ran across this company looking for canvas attachments, tennatchco.com, have not had a chance to research them further but thought I would pass their name along.
  3. Sweet, thanks DwighT, i don't do jewelry, I was thinking about it from the machinist end of the spectrum. There are a lot of products on line that you don't normally see unless u are looking for them. I'm going to buy a set just to have them on hand there are a lot of uses for small drill bits.
  4. Hey YIN, Nice job on the sheath, Your sheath may be a little thick in the one area but that is also a big knife so a bold sheath and welt is not out of line. When I'm doing something thick like that i start out with my 4 prong punch through the first layer. That establishes the angle for the awl. then i drill if required with a 1/16" bit. (I think you can get numbered bits that are smaller but many bench drill presses will only tighten down on a 1/16 bit unless you change the chuck.) Now you can push your waxed awl through following the angle of the punch, when you sew you get a nice looking stitch, after that i use a roller stitch marker to go over the threads that helps to sink the thread into the grove and evens out the stitches. For fine work like you are doing you want a drill press as this keeps the holes plum as long as you shim up the tapered end when drilling. You can also use the nail system like someone else mentioned find one the right size you are good to go. Good luck on the next one your customer will be happy with this one.
  5. Does anyone know anything about the Mitzi/Mitsubishi lu402-25bct, 3/8 gauge, two needle? Opportunity shows one available to me for reasonable price but I cannot find any information about them on the net. I would like the 25 inch arm for sewing boat covers and sail repairs, however there doesn't seem to be even manuals available to review. Any information on this machine would be appreciated.
  6. Bill, thanks for the updated photos. they are better tnat the first set.
  7. wicket and craig will split them for you, they charge a little extra. if you are looking for a flat cut of say, 8 oz make sure they understand it is 8 oz. the last 2 that i got from them were to be 7 oz and they came in as 6.5 oz. Since they do not accept returns on splits i used them, my customer was not thrilled but accepted them as leashes. mistakes happen but the sales folks should know if their machines are off and a half oz on a 7 oz split is a fair amount.
  8. For the archaeologists books, you might find something At the Library of Congress if you google it there are a number of sites where you might find information. You could also try the Project Gutenberg, they have a lot of vintage books available to download.
  9. burnishing with a wood router? yeah, no, DON'T
  10. I have a number of old metal drills. They all function, but look at the size of the handle on the one above, those old ones are wrist breakers for sure, i do use them but wont sell them as most folks wouldn't recognize the danger until it slipped out of their hand and had the cord wrapped around their wrist I have experience with that issue.
  11. that is an excellent page i will spend some time reviewing it. now that i see the copy i do have a couple of those magazine so must of misread the date. I also have a number of the news style publications mine start sometime in 55 i think i haven't had them out for awhile. that old paper if pretty fragile and not sure on the best way to restore them yet.
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