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  1. Will you print on leather for anyone....i can see where this would work great for my business
  2. very sweet...i like the way you used the matting tool. colour is beautiful...great job my friend
  3. any plans on sharing these paterns with the community...
  4. I just recently discovered Paul Burnett's site and he talks about dry block dying. Could anyone tell me what this is and how do I do it. Thanks.
  5. Da' Rat Rulz....just finished this tri-fold wallet...left edges very rough cuz dats da way da Rat runz....hope ye like it.
  6. looks good. i do biker bags also..gonna try lacing on one or two soon.
  7. beautiful makers mark...i just ordered one from Green Parrot..hope my is as good looking as yern
  8. love this idea, would you mind if i incorporate it into some of my work
  9. i am not a fisherman, so thanks for the tip.
  10. My latest creation, a KA-Bar Survival Knife Sheath and Pouch. The knife is a KA-Bar 1211 military knife. The sheath is designed to be worn either horizontal or vertical. The pouch hold a fire-starter, a diamond knife sharpener, a button compass, four aspirin tablets, ten water purification tablets, four waxed cotton tinder balls, five fishing hooks, five sinkers, and ten feet of 5lb test fishing line. The colour comes from Fiebings green dye, tandys dark brown antique, and tandys professional gold waterstain. I built this for me, but custom make them for anyone at $250 per, knife and all survival gear included.
  11. sex screw is just what we call them out here...the name you know em by is chicago screw...
  12. Just finished this survival knife this morning. Accessory pouch holds a diamond knife sharpener and a firestarter with a compass. Pouch is held in place by sex screws. Belt loop is held in place by three line 20 snaps. I want to wrap the knife handle in leather and dye it the same as the sheath, but i dont know how. Ant suggestions and comments welcome.
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