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  1. Hi CowboyBob Thank you for your advise, decided to take the shaft, bearing, and bushes out completely and refit it all. All good now, just need to put a new gasket on the reservoir and the hook looks a bit tatty so ordered a new one. Advice much appreciated. RedHed
  2. Hi Guys, A Happy New Year to you all. I have an issue with my machine I help with. After setting the timing the right side bobbin thread gets caught in the bobbin hook finger, have tried adjusting it as per the manual, but to no avail. I checked the bobbin case and notice it slideshow a d down slightly, checking underneath I noticed the cog and shaft move up and down. Have taken a short video. Can anyone advise on how to solve this please. ** I can,t post the video on here. So it is on YouTube.
  3. Will give that some thought, a little job for the winter months.
  4. I have found on ebay a double needle zipper foot that is adjustable in width This would do the job I think. The issue is it has the shank edge on, not square on so will not fit the 212. Have asked them if they can make them with a a side on shank. Will update when I get an answer. Or I might take my half inch foot to an engineerr and have the centre ground away, only issue is a separate foot for each zipper width.
  5. Hi Guys I have a question about presser feet on twin needle machines. I have a lot of cushions to recover and want to put zippers in the new ones. I was contemplating using my newly aquired Singer 212g141. I notice the standard presser foot would be an issue as I would need the zipper teeth to pass under the centre of the foot and this would lift the foot and cause issues in keeping the work straight. Is there a foot for such jobs? Presuming it would need some form of tunnel or cutaway to let let the zipper pass without it gliding along the teeth. Anyone have any suggestions for a presser foot or a modification to one? Thank you
  6. Thanks guys, the responses helped and I have now ordered some needles. Much appreciated.
  7. Hi Guys I am in the market for some needles for my Singer 212g141. The manual states needles 135x7 sizes 12-24 and 135X11 sizes 12-20. I am finding it hard to find these and get many other types of needles listed, but cannot work out which to buy. There are many types and sizes, so does anyone know what is comparable to the listed ones? the main makers over here in blighty seem to be Schmetz and Groz Beckert. So frustrating not knowing which if any match! Cheers guys
  8. Thanks Constabulary Sorted tension and picture was a great help. Will leave the conversion for now as do not have time, but a great idea.
  9. Hi Guys Have just bought this machine, have given it a good clean up. Having a bit of an issue threading the machine. No 2 thread right needle keep coming out ot tension disc and catching on spindle. Cannot find a threading diagram that is clear enough to see exactly how it threads. Also am looking for the needle bar that allows you to switch between 1 and 2 needles. . Thanks
  10. Hi Guys I have just acquired a Singer 132K6, it has been in a garage for a few years and was once the pride and joy of a local saddler. It has not been used for sometime now, and I am about to give it a good clean down and some much needed oiling. The machine turns freely and am looking forward to having it up an running. Is there anything I need to be cautious or concerned about regarding this machine? Can anyone point me in the direction of a user/service manual? I can find plenty of part lists on tinternet saying they are user manuals, but no actual manuals. So looking forward to making some heavier leather items on this machine. All advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  11. Thanks for explanation, will have a play around and see if I can sort it.
  12. Hi Wiz Many thanks for your advise, presuming the check spring is the one below the tension adjuster, not sure where the bottom stop bracket is but will look it up on the interweb. also is the curved slot, is that the little arm next to the bobbin that widens and narrows during the stitch cycle? Thanks for all your advise. Regards Red
  13. HI Guys Am still having issues with my Seiko STW-8B. In earlier posts I had issues with the thread nests and more than two threads when I finish sewing and pull the material away. Advice received was good and most of the issues now solved. My problem now is that on occasion my machine sews fine, every now and then I get a thread around the bottom of the bobbin case which causes a jam and I have to sort it. After watching the bobbin hook and needle for a while I noticed what seems to be the hook after catching the thread and thread running over the bobbin to make a stitch as it should, the hook then seems to catch the top thread again and it runs around the bottom of the bobbin case causing a jam. Does anyone know the cause of this as it is so frustrating. I tried to upload a video, but we are only allowed 1.4mb so no chance on that allocation. Many thanks for any advice received. Red
  14. Thanks for that, it is threaded properly so will chwck tension and keep an eyon on the take up arm. Will let you know the outcome. Cheers
  15. Hi Guys I have another issue with my machine and I cannot fathom it out. When I sew straight and on the pedal all is fine. when I slow it down to hand turning with a little pressure on the pedal it starts fine. Then if I turn the leather I raise the foot only a smidgen, it carries on sewing then after a few stitches, it becomes hard to turn the wheel, then a a sound of thread tearing and off we go. when I remove the leather there is a thread nest under the area turned by hand and three threads coming up through the plate. Any ideas as I cannot work it out. Attached piccy. Thanks
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