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  1. Wow! Nice work. How did you go about learning that craft?
  2. Try the Fiebing's Neutral Paste and add white acrylic paint.
  3. This works. One of my first IT projects was an archiving project using scanners and we scanned real objects with a flatbed scanner. I just tried it again with crappy scanner and small pistol I have it. Just to be sure I was remembering correctly. Not sure I would do this on purpose in 2019 but you can do it. There are better ways today to get a pistol image that is scaled/sized correctly.
  4. I am looking at options as well right now. At the moment I am considering Shopify. Take a look at that, it may fit your needs. They have POS hardware and card readers for mobile devices.
  5. Anyone know where to get a buckle like this? I just want the metal part so I can put my own work on it. https://www.etsy.com/listing/400398405/tree-of-gondor-lotr-belt-buckle?ref=hp_rv-2&frs=1
  6. Found one. Thank you all. Thread can be deleted.
  7. Looking for a Craftool Pro B2062. Let me know if you would like to sell one.
  8. I have been doing my research and reading as much as I can but I am wondering are there any real differences between these two machines? They seem pretty similar in specs. I am looking to sew multi-layer guitar straps, cosplay gun rigs and holsters. I am guessing my largest thickness will be 30oz or so of leather for some holsters. Looking for a pedal stand as I don't have a lot of room for a desk/table setup right now. What are the nuances between these two machines I should be aware of? I am looking at both of these as there are dealers near me for both. I am sure there are other options but I want local support available. Thank you all.
  9. Quick question, where do you find a tool like the one used for pre-beveling or swivel beveling? I am coming up blank on the type of tool or just am not seeing it.
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