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  1. Hi I am looking at purchasing Dusty's chap dvd do you own it? Does it cover how to measure and and custom fit or does it just cover patterns and how to put them together Thanks
  2. Logans, I would love to see a picture of your creative set up, seams like us cobblers and leather crafters can make reuse of just about anything Thanks
  3. I tried landis and shoesystem plus, already they quoted me 800.00 for the adapted Bayonet cylinder. Seems like I could have one machined or find used for less than that not much money in the shoe repair business. I am trying to keep expenses down. Thanks
  4. We currently use a 1937 Landis Line Finisher, we are in need of replacing the 9inch sanding cylinder was looking for parts
  5. can you email me I have a question about the line finisher crittercraft@live.com
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