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  1. I am making my first attempt at a leather backpack and I am wondering how do I go about stitching the corners where the 3 pieces of leather meet. How do I bring the 3 pieces together like on the backpack below? I am trying to replicate that corner.
  2. My question is what size chicago screw post size should I use on 9-10 oz leather for attaching belt buckles. So basically 2 pieces of 9-10oz together, I was thinking 1/4" post but want to be sure. Thanks and God Bless.
  3. I use the pigskin from Springfield Leather Co. Thanks for all the compliments
  4. I feel for you, it is so hard losing a best friend. God Bless you.
  5. Hi I just went to Cobra in Ontario to pick up these 2 machines a class 4 and a burnisher.
  6. Big collars are 9-10oz small collars are 5-6oz I use either Hermann Oak or Oak leaf depending on what the customer wants.
  7. Can't forget the little dogs, I need to get into tooling.
  8. I started about 3 years ago slowly working out the details have a long way to go, but it sure is fun!!! My most recent collar:
  9. Hello everyone, I have been handstitching my leather which is 10oz to 120z(heaviest i would use) for some time now and business is picking up. I am really considering a machine that would sew 10-12oz leather, i have $1500 to spend cash or I could finance and pay up to $75 a month. I was considering the cowboy machines. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God Bless!!!!
  10. Safety first Amen to that.the place where i will be doing production has 3 large windows that open. i will be putting a high volume fan in, attatched to a filter going outside.
  11. Hello everyone i am starting a business and will be dying large amounts of leather. I used to use a airbrush but for the volume i am going to be doing an airbrush would take way to long. I only want to buy once and dont want any cheap stuff. budget is around 150. I use feibings oil dyes and i dilute it. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Also i use resolene as a finish and would be spraying that in a seperate gun. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks and God Bless.
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