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  1. wlg1908

    Neoprene foam

    Has anyone used this before, an how do you like it ? I am thinking of using this in between the leather an the lining to give my bags body an a soft feel. What do you think ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/223139090576
  2. wlg1908


    use a rotary cutter an a strait edge I do this all the time.
  3. wlg1908


    I am making some leather chopper mittens out of Moose , an I would like to know, what is the warmest fur pelt to line them with ? My hands get cold easy.
  4. wlg1908


    In my opinion the strongest zipper is ykk nylon coil, for your application I would use a #5, the trick to any zipper is to keep your stitches close, what I mean don't stitch 3 stiches per in, go with 5 to 6 per inch an back off on the tention,if using steel tooth zipper make sure the zipper teeth are facing the same direction when putting on the zipper pull ( the teeth should be facing you as you put on the zipper pull. with nylon coil it don't matter
  5. wlg1908

    Installing a zipper on a case

    You know the best way to learn this is go to u tube an type in how to install single coil nylon zipper tape. You only need to use one side of the zipper
  6. wlg1908

    Installing a zipper on a case

    Take an measure from the top center top the bottom center using a seamstress tape, add 3" an that is the length zipper you will need. Take the zipper an open, run one down one side and the other on the other side. run the ends up the center.. Now stitch the zipper in place.
  7. wlg1908

    Strongest Rivet Type - Finished Look

    Go to you local auto parts store an get blue thread lock. Chicago screws won't come out then
  8. wlg1908


    Does anyone know where I can purchase #8 zipper, Black with nickle or stainless teeth ? By the yard (bulk)
  9. wlg1908


    Does anyone know where I can purchase #8 zipper, Black with nickle or stainless teeth ? By the yard (bulk)
  10. wlg1908

    Synthetic Leather right around the corner!

    I will stick with real leather. Everything will be fake soon. Mother nature made, Mother nature approved
  11. wlg1908


    I just bought a CB801 skiver today, so I will see how well they work in about two week when it arrives.
  12. wlg1908


    I am seriously thinking about buying a cb 801 edge skiver. I have never used one an don't know if it is really worth it. I would like feedback as to the importants of one and if there are any good video's of what they are used for. I make a lot of things like purses, wallets, tote bags, random coin bags. How would this skiver improve the quality of my work ? Do any of you use these ? and how has it helped you ? Any photo's of your personal work would really help me Thank you Dan