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  1. Can you apply tan-kote using a damp rag without damaging the finish ?
  2. I am just starting to work with snakeskin an when I buy skins, I apply snakeskin conditioner on the skins an I was wondering if I can store the skins in ziplock plastic bags without them growing mold or rotting over time. What is the best way to store snakskin an retain a pliable skin
  3. Can you use gl Can u use glycerin as a conditioner or must u buy snakeskin conditioner ?
  4. Does anyone know where I can buy round alphabet conchos 1 1/2" LOOKING FOR A COMPANY. That offers all letters. Of the alphabet. I am looking for conchos like the one in photo below.
  5. wlg1908


    What are the benefits of using a waxpot on your sewing machine. Pro's/Con's
  6. Are there benefits to using a waxpot on you machines. Pro's/Con's
  7. What are the benefits of using a waxpot on your industrial sewwing machine ?
  8. wlg1908

    collar spikes

    I bought some dog collar spikes years ago an I dont remember where I bought them. They are screw back 1 1/4" spikes. Can anyone tell me where I can get them ?
  9. Just take an cut two 1" straps, skive the two ends that will be sewing together an sew
  10. I don't know. She said she likes to do some of her training with a long lead. Do you have any photo's of your leads ?
  11. The other I was making leashes an though I would like to make a long one, so I made a 15' leash with a brass snap on the end . I posted it on my facebook page and a dog trainer is interested in it but this is my first time making that long of a leash and have no Idea what I should price it at. Here are a few pic's, tell me what you would charge. The leash is made from 9/11 oz latigo, 15' long and one inch width.
  12. I am trying to make my own water proof/ conditioner. But its not going to well. I was hoping a few of you would have an willing to share your recipe
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