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  1. Does anyone know where I can buy round alphabet conchos 1 1/2" LOOKING FOR A COMPANY. That offers all letters. Of the alphabet. I am looking for conchos like the one in photo below.
  2. wlg1908


    What are the benefits of using a waxpot on your sewing machine. Pro's/Con's
  3. Are there benefits to using a waxpot on you machines. Pro's/Con's
  4. What are the benefits of using a waxpot on your industrial sewwing machine ?
  5. wlg1908

    collar spikes

    I bought some dog collar spikes years ago an I dont remember where I bought them. They are screw back 1 1/4" spikes. Can anyone tell me where I can get them ?
  6. Just take an cut two 1" straps, skive the two ends that will be sewing together an sew
  7. I don't know. She said she likes to do some of her training with a long lead. Do you have any photo's of your leads ?
  8. The other I was making leashes an though I would like to make a long one, so I made a 15' leash with a brass snap on the end . I posted it on my facebook page and a dog trainer is interested in it but this is my first time making that long of a leash and have no Idea what I should price it at. Here are a few pic's, tell me what you would charge. The leash is made from 9/11 oz latigo, 15' long and one inch width.
  9. I am trying to make my own water proof/ conditioner. But its not going to well. I was hoping a few of you would have an willing to share your recipe
  10. I just figured out how to do piping without a piping foot. I wish I had a camera to show you but, I just used my right single foot on my machine (CowBoy 4500) an it turned out great. The way I did it, there is no visible stitching. I went to store an looked at factory piping on bags and my way looks just as good. Very happy with the outcome.
  11. Has anyone used this before, an how do you like it ? I am thinking of using this in between the leather an the lining to give my bags body an a soft feel. What do you think ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/223139090576
  12. use a rotary cutter an a strait edge I do this all the time.
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