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  1. I don't make custom stamps anymore, but check out my pre-made stamp store. www.TheLasermill.com . All my stamps are for use with a arbor press only and not for hammering. Feel free to read my feedback on Ebay. I have many satisfied customers and many repeat customers too ----> EBAY STORE. I stand by my work and if there's a issue with any of my stamps at any time, I will do what I can to fix the problem. Thank You Ron R. The Lasermill
  2. I have this and more available all the time on my website. www.thelasermill.com Sorry, Im unable to make them work with a mallet. They are made from 1/2" acrylic and are not metal. You will have to find a custom metal stamp maker to have it made. They will probably cost you a few buck to have them made my someone else. A half ton arbor press can be bought for about $60 at haborfreight.com. Thanks
  3. The stamps I make are for arbor press only.. or any other similar flat press
  4. I've added a new stamp to my stamp store.. Im offering it for only $13 for a limited time, and that includes first class S&H. It's only available through my website. www.thelasermill.com
  5. hey my email is jeffzerah@gmail.com


    1. LeatherHead99


      Man, you know what I missed your last message.. I jsut saw that you asked for the stamp..  so sorry.  I noticed that I dont get notifications sometimes that someone messaged me on here....  I will send the invoice in about an hour or so.. I have to go get the kiddos from school... are you sure your happy with the look of the stamp? If you want it a different way, just let me know.


    2. LeatherHead99


      I sent the invoice to the wrong email... I left our the "J" at the beginning of your email when I copied it... I re sent the new one.

      Thanks again


    3. JRLeather2


      I will give the stamp a try and if I need changes I will order another from you.

  6. I am interested in a rebel flag stamp, can you do that?

  7. I made this stamp a while ago with the intention to sell it on Ebay, but I think due to Ebay's new selling restrictions on rebel flags, and other confederate items, I'm sure it will be taken down. If anyone on here is interested, I will sell it for $15.. that includes first class USPS shipping.. I accept paypal... private message me if your interested.. The stamp image is 1.75" wide X 1.05" tall.. Ron R.
  8. I would say probably not.. I know most of the custom roller dies I see are made from delrin. If your looking to do a ton of production work, I would just go with metal. I seen some places that offer custom dies for the rollers, but I cant remember off the top of my head right now without searching the Inet.
  9. I have these.. or I can always make a custom stamp if needed..
  10. I just want to say thanks to everyone who's contacted me through this forum and I appreciate all the business. I wanted to let everyone know I've started a small website where you can either buy my stamps, or contact me with inquiries about custom stamps. I can make almost any image into a stamp, so feel free to contact me and check out the new site. Its still a work in progress and some changes are still being made. You can also follow me on instagram and Facebook. www.TheLasermill.com I just started the Facebook and Instagram, but you can find more images of the custom stamps I've done there Thanks again Ron R
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