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  1. MAC JD

    Starting A Master List Of Craftaids

    A Facebook Group has started on this topic, the name of the group is "Tandy Craftaid Template Database" I too am amazed that Tandy does not have a list. I have just started to catalog my craftaids, I'll post when I get finished. J-D
  2. MAC JD

    Campbell Randall Harness Stictcher

    Jarod, Can you post pictures and a video? J-D
  3. MAC JD

    Upsizing Patterns For Thicker Leather?

    Put the printed pattern you already have on a copier and copy at 110%, 120%, 130% or the increased percentage you need to get the pattern the size you want. Also works great with carving patterns you bigger or smaller. J-D
  4. MAC JD

    Holster Tooling Patterns

    Jim, These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing. JD
  5. MAC JD

    Ipad Mini Holder

    Nice drawing. Thanks again for sharing. JD
  6. Count me interested as well. JD
  7. MAC JD

    Assorted Template - Pdf

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. MAC JD

    Hallo From Sicily

    spyrozzo, I miss the people and great friends I made when I lived in Napoli! The food and wine of southern Italy and Sicily are outstanding!! My wife's family is from a small village near Pisa. We are both hoping that we can go back to Italy next year. Maybe we can talk our way into a tour of a tannery near Vicensa and buy some leather!! JD
  9. MAC JD

    Hallo From Sicily

    Hello Spyrozzo, Welcome! If you have any questions, in Italian or English please do not hesitate to ask. James Ciao Spyrozzo, benvenuto! Se avete domande, in italiano o inglese non esitate a chiedere. James
  10. Can you add me please? Thanks!!