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  1. Im very interested in the pattern if you have one!
  2. I love these! Suspenders are so fun, check out the suspenders this girl made...http://browse.deviantart.com/art/I-don-t-even-know-306800747
  3. Nice work! Im pretty sure I saw you bring that in to the Tandy Leather Factory a few weeks ago and you introduced me to this site!
  4. Wow! That's great! Thank you for the information it I really appreciate the help!
  5. I am very interested in being an apprentice! I have started leather working but just the basics, I am traditionally an artist I have my Bachelor of Studio Art; emphasis in Watercolor and Drawing, and have a passion for making costumes. I have learned sewing uner my mom, but leather working is something I am self teaching myself. I am very serious about art and spend lots of time on any project I work on. For the experience you offer I would be willing to relocate just to learn leather craft. I can send you some of my work if you have an email. My email is PaintedPrimal@gmail.com.
  6. Thats beautiful! I cant imagine how many years of experience it would take to create something like that!
  7. I have been making some armor, mostly from photo references but I am looking for patterns that have chest pieces. I have tried working from corset patterns but it hasn't worked yet. Steam punk patterns would be awesome to include!
  8. I have been trying to make armor, but im a girl also large breasted and I cannot figure out how to fit myself!! any advice since you have done it so nicely?
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