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  1. cseeger

    Pair of Cupsole Chukkas

    Haha...clever. You always say the nicest things.
  2. cseeger

    Pair of Cupsole Chukkas

    Thanks! The rest of the materials were 5 oz Nubuck for the uppers (no lining), 4 oz Horween Veg Tan Horsehide for the insole and toe puff, 2 oz Kidskin for the eyelet reinforcement and boot rim. The heel counter was also 5 oz Nubuck. 1 mm thread Twin Eagle thread for the uppers and 1 mm Ritza Tiger thread for the side stitching,. Also discovered and used for the first time on this pair a "Jerk Awl" to do the side stiching (also called Jerk Needle, Hooked Needle). Man it's sooo much easier, faster and better looking to side stitch using that awl. Previously I had just been using needles (and long pliers) and then recently the speed stitcher. They don't hold a candle to a Jerk Awl.
  3. cseeger

    Pair of Cupsole Chukkas

    Pair of Cupsole Chukkas I made for myself. The interesting part of this is the cupsole itself. These are rare as hen's teeth for the U.S. hobbyist to source and crazy expensive for no more than what they are (Etsy $25-$30, Brooklyn Shoe Supply $50). But I came up with a low cost solution that I'll share with you. I buy slip-on sneakers at Walmart and carefully remove the canvas uppers (tip, use a heat gun to loosen the glued parts). If you don't mind a little elbow grease, the Walmart method will yield good quality rubber cupsoles for $7 - $8.
  4. cseeger

    Etsy Alternatives Help

    I'm old enough to remember when "Made in Japan" was a derisive phrase that implied cheap crap. Today, what comes to mind when you see "Made in Japan"? High quality, right? “Made in China” no longer necessarily means cheap or knock-off, though that still exists. China has the expertise, the engineers, and the infrastructure to make quality products, and is doing so. It also has the necessary drivers: a growing middle class with buying power, and the desire to improve the “made in China” brand and compete head-to-head in the global market. Another two decades? Globalization fellas, get used to it. Money doesn't care what country it originates from.
  5. Hey Mike, any of this color left? If so I'd be interested in a side, shipped to 75069. Thx
  6. cseeger

    How To Make Coin Conchos

    I like to write and the thing about writing is that all you're really doing is tossing bait out there in the hopes of every now and then getting a grand compliment such as yours. Thank you very much, You may have just made my whole year.
  7. cseeger

    Newbie starts the first pattern

    This holster video has pretty good content, about as good as yours, but of course not anywhere near as generous (I think you have enough free pattern positive karma credits to last five lifetimes, but then again who knows what kind of deficit you racked up in the previous five?) Content and generosity aside, what makes this video so interesting is this guy's speech and accent. It's unlike any you've heard before, well at least for me and plenty of others commenting the same. Couple his accent with ..how do I describe it.?...an "aristocratic articulation delivered with a sonorous timbre". The guy is mesmerizing. Yeah, it's strange to me also just trying to describe it, but I could listen to this guy all day long.
  8. cseeger

    Kids Belt

    I've said it before and I'm going to keep on saying it because it's important for the craft to have examples of truly original styles. "Gray, you have an original, unique style that's readily discernible in all your work. To my way of thinking, that is as impressive as the work itself. Actually......? it's more impressive. Not to impune anyone else's work, just saying it's a fairly rare thing to see." Have you considered a .licensing arrangement with Tandy? I'm serious. Their collection of 1964 same o' same o' is, well, lame and boring. PM me if you're amenable toward something like that. I can provide some info that could help in that regard.
  9. cseeger

    Finished Sheath for Customer!

    YinTX, I've watched your progress over the past five years and must say you've more than demonstrated that you've rightfully earned Journeyman status and might I add your chops suggest Master Level. Beautiful work. Just lovely.
  10. cseeger

    How To Make Coin Conchos

    You're not alone. :-) I had a good five years of pipe soldering experience myself before I connected the dots. It almost pisses you off when you discover how easy it is. Here's a 20% off Harbor Freight Coupon for your Doming Set -- good through this weekend 2/24/19
  11. Here's a tutorial I put together on how to make your own coin conchos. There's not much to it really, you just need to learn how to solder, and really that's what this tutorial teaches you. Making coin conchos is sort of incidental once you figure out how to solder. This is something you can master in an afternoon. How-To-Make-Coin-Conchos-2.pdf
  12. cseeger

    Suggest a first project for a beginner

    A little late to the party on this one, but I have something to offer that adds to Rusty's good point. For my first year I was overly cautious on all my projects, anxious even, worried I was going to screw it up. Finally, I got tired of that approach and just came to terms with myself that it's just a hunk of leather. If I screw it up, who cares? Just start over. From that point on I improved at a much quicker rate and felt far more confident...maybe even too confident. Soon I felt like I could make anything and I did make some cool stuff just figuring it out on my own....shoes, luggage. But 14 years later I'm comfortable in knowing that what that really means is I'm fearless and will take on anything, not that I can make anything. Case in point, this last Christmas I decided to make a stuffed monkey for a buddy's newborn son. Three attempts and all three went in the trash can.
  13. cseeger

    White thread stitching

    "The "site:leatherworker.net" parameter restricts the search to leatherworker.net" Well I'll be. It never occurred to me that you could direct (or limit as the case may be) Google's search engine toward a site. That is a very cool feature and equally cool tip. Thanks Northmount!
  14. cseeger

    Leather Sandals

    Curiosity finally got the better of me and a Google Image search revealed what the deal is. "Air Bethlehems" -- a meme making the Reddit et al rounds. Trendy, tongue in cheek. "Worn by Jesus game 7 against the Roman's" in the joke genre of "Jesus saves... passes to Moses... he shoots... he scores!" So it's just a funny concept Ok, I get it. What makes it funny, of course is the "Air Bethlehems" meme, which is 90% Nike swoosh and 10% style of gladiator sandal. Further, your motivation is to capitalize on the popularity of the meme now, at it's height. So...it's not the sandals, it's not even the swoosh, it's the meme you're after, the sandals and the swoosh being in support of that and dictates that it has to be the same in order that it be readily identifiable with the meme. And that explains why there isn't an alternative like picking any ol' gladiator sandal and applying your own Nike swoosh. That wouldn't work because people wouldn't get it. All of that makes sense. What doesn't hold together, however, is how owning these sandals translates into social bonus points for you, i.e., usurping cool off the meme? How many people can you reasonably expect to be familiar with the meme? Let's be generous and assume 10,000 people know and love this meme and would go into a fit of giggles seeing you wearing said meme sandals. So the question is, what are the odds that where you live, anyone will make the connection? Without getting too far down the rabbit hole, lets just take a rough percentage of "Meme Knowers" to the population of the country. What that says is that "Meme Knowers" are evenly distributed in the U.S. including where you are. That works out to a probability of any one person being a "Meme Knower" at .00307%. Said another way, you would go through 30,000 unique interactions in order to cross paths with one "Meme Knower". That's a lot of interactions. By one measurement, it would take you 27 years to rack up 30,000 unique encounters. In a lifetime, a person will interact with 80,000 people, and 4 of those will be murderers. That means you are almost twice as likely to interact with a murderer than you are to interact with a "Meme Knower". And that optimistically assumes the Meme remains popular over a lifetime when in fact it looks to be a 6-9 month meme at best. The other consideration is you have no idea what is going to set those four murderers off. They come in all manner of varieties and it would not be unreasonable to assume one of them becoming enraged with your blasphemous tongue-in-cheek treatment of Jesus. Moreover, he might think he is Jesus in which case those sandals are a throw down. The only positive that can from that is they were able to indentify your body since you were the only one who owned a pair of "Air Bethlehems"....talk about irony. I can appreciate your motivation, I just don't see how you get there. Call me a softie, but I don't want you to leave with your soul crushed for lack of a social bonus points plan. Just a thought here, why not start your own meme and take all the credit? Here's a couple t-shirt designs I haven't done anything with. I give you permission to use as your own as you see fit. I hope you knock it out of the park and they parade you around while standing on the shoulders of the coolest people in your town.
  15. cseeger

    A tour of SLC!

    Heck that's half the fun, making leather bets. I've purchased a lot of their clearance sale stuff and it's ends up as you expect, distributed like a bell curve. If you are as risk averse as you sound, give Wickett & Craig a look. The generally have a election of overstock hides. Wickett & Craig ranks in the top 3-4 tanneries in the US. This is premium American leather, you can't go wrong Pick up some of their $8 - $12 bellies You won't believe how nice the leather is for next to nothing. Just got four Havana Skirting Bellies... leather is excellent $1,60/ft