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  1. Nice.....I like it. Is that mahogany?
  2. Like always beautiful work....that last one has my eye.
  3. Those are absolutely some very nice boots for work...
  4. Thats a pretty good simple idea... I'll definitely make one...thanks
  5. I didn't have enough room to mount both, so I can up with this. The speed reducer is mounted behind the head. As you can see I have zero issue with tilting the head. The belt loosens as it tilts back.
  6. After putting a speed reducer I had a little thinking to do on how to mount the servo.... well, this is what I came up with. It was really simple. Just some angle iron and some bolts and it worked. I really like the control I have now..let me know what you guys think.. I just finished it..
  7. I do it like that too.. I like to back stitch by hand then take the top thread down to have both at the bottom to melt or tie.
  8. I agree that its the water too... I tried rubbing water around the affected areas after it was sealed thinking that it wound reduce the spots. It made it worst. Now its got me thinking that if water gets on a project after its sealed it'll ruin it permanently.
  9. Im glad to see this post...this happened to me too. I used 50/50 saddle tan with denatured alcohol. I dyed first then moled. I figured that it just needed to dry out completely but it never got better. As you can see on the pic the blotches look really bad..
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