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  1. Nice.....I like it. Is that mahogany?
  2. Like always beautiful work....that last one has my eye.
  3. Those are absolutely some very nice boots for work...
  4. Thats a pretty good simple idea... I'll definitely make one...thanks
  5. I didn't have enough room to mount both, so I can up with this. The speed reducer is mounted behind the head. As you can see I have zero issue with tilting the head. The belt loosens as it tilts back.
  6. After putting a speed reducer I had a little thinking to do on how to mount the servo.... well, this is what I came up with. It was really simple. Just some angle iron and some bolts and it worked. I really like the control I have now..let me know what you guys think.. I just finished it..
  7. I do it like that too.. I like to back stitch by hand then take the top thread down to have both at the bottom to melt or tie.
  8. I agree that its the water too... I tried rubbing water around the affected areas after it was sealed thinking that it wound reduce the spots. It made it worst. Now its got me thinking that if water gets on a project after its sealed it'll ruin it permanently.
  9. Im glad to see this post...this happened to me too. I used 50/50 saddle tan with denatured alcohol. I dyed first then moled. I figured that it just needed to dry out completely but it never got better. As you can see on the pic the blotches look really bad..
  10. I've learned how to work with it and what to expect once it dries. It sure does pick up some dye..so just working with it and trying different applications was what helped me. I really like how it proctects the product and up to now I can't seem to find another finisher that can do the same. I've been looking for the same protection but with a lower sheen. BigJake... how does that angleus satin sheen work for you...? how does it held up to water?
  11. sounds interesting...... i would like to know too. what would be the cost of doing that?
  12. thanks for the fast response..i was hoping to use 138. its a treadle machine, do you think it worth the cost of adding a servo motor and speed reducer?how's your set up? thanks
  13. this singer was basically given for free when i bought my consew 2050. i have no idea what model it is or if's any good for leather. I need to sew under six ounces and my consew just won't do it. before i start looking for a smaller machine, can someone please tell me what model this singer is and is it capable of sew six ounces or less??? thanks
  14. i really like that color...i just might try Angleus dyes. did you reduce it?
  15. the first looks like if its black but that last one looks really nice. is it like a dark mahagany color.? ive never used angelus dyes..how different are they from fiebings pro dyes? very nice holster...
  16. i've been having some of the same questions too. i really like the ones with stiching but don't know if its two layers or just one. what thickness would i use for that?
  17. thanks Steve... i change the top thread to 277 with a #25 needle and bottom 206 and really helped alot. i do notice that with thicker leather the stitches look better. i've been working with two pieces of 4oz leather...maybe my consew 2050 works best with thicker leather???
  18. i'm kinda having the same issue, but only when i back stitch over the previous stitches to finish it up. the knots on those stitches don't pull up and it looks really bad on the back... thanks..
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