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    Kabul, Afghanistan/ Johnstown, PA
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    Anything outdoors. If i'm not working, i'm shooting, fishing, camping or wishing I was doing one of the three. Hoping to add leather crafting to that list.

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    None. Very new to all of this.
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    Everything but am starting out with belts, holsters, wallets, etc.
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    Like everything else. Google.
  1. I was wondering if any of you know a tool set or tool numbers I would need to be able to do fine detail work. A google search turned up some individual tools that might be what I need, but I figured it would be cheaper if I could find a set. I recently tried to stamp out a Christmas Fern on a 1 1/2 inch piece of 8 ounce veg tan, and all of my tools are much too bulky to really get in there. It came out fine I guess, but what I really enjoy is craming as much detail in as small a space as possible. I figure I should do that now while I still have the eyes for it. Any suggestions are welcome.
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