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  1. dadam38

    Nano Suction

    I was wondering if anyone has used this nano suction sheet for iphone wallets or anything else I am planning on using it for my next project but want to know how other members have liked it or didnt like it. I am making a book style iphone 8plus wallet. Thank you Adam
  2. I am in the process of making a back pack, and I am going to make the top a cinch drawstring and a flap, like the picture below. I wanted to add a little flair to it by making the cinch drawstring a bolo tie. Has anyone done this before and did it work? Does anyone think this wont work? What i am worried about is that the bolo tie wont have enough tension to keep it closed. Thanks for the responses
  3. dadam38

    Where to find bag closures

    @mustangman2 They have great hardware but Im looking for more options
  4. dadam38

    Where to find bag closures

    I am trying to find twist lock closure that are more decorative. Almost everything ive been able to find is very basic. Does anyone know where i can find more of a selection besides hearts and butterflys? Thanks for the help Adam
  5. dadam38

    OIl tanned leather help

    I did send an email to the supplier. I am waiting for the reply. But that is a good point, socks would soak up the oil if used for boots.
  6. dadam38

    OIl tanned leather help

    I bought a side of oil tanned leather from Springfield Leather and i noticed how oily it was from the beginning. I decided to use it and i made a piece with veg tanned accents. After a few hours the oil seeped into the veg tanned leather. It doesn't look bad but i am worried about it getting into any content put into the bag. Is there a way to leech excess oil from the leather with rice or something like that?
  7. dadam38

    Where do you get blue guns

    I was wondering where everyone got their blue guns from? Ive looked around and seen them for around $50. Is that a fair price?
  8. dadam38

    Pool Table Pockets

    Does anyone know of a tutorial of how to make pool table pockets or some instructions somewhere? Thanks!!!
  9. I want to make templates for some of the more common items i make but i dont know what to use to create the templates. I was thinking of going to tap plastics and getting a plastic that cuts easily and keeps its form. Is there any other suggestions? Ive used thick cardboard but the edges start to bend after a while and i dont get straight lines. Thanks
  10. Its hard to get the dye to take, is there something I should be doing to the leather before hand?
  11. dadam38

    Belt Lengths Help

    thanks everyone, looks really simple. Appreciate the help.
  12. dadam38

    Belt Lengths Help

    I was asked to make a couple belts but have never made belts before. the sizes i was asked for are 34 and 48, what are the actual lengths of the belts from buckle to end?
  13. I was wondering if anyone else if have problems dyeing the tandy sides that were sold on black Friday and to see if there is someway to dye them better?
  14. I bought a hard case back cover and adhered it to the leather
  15. Made this iphone case wallet for a friend. She loved it, but please critque