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  1. I get that, i would just like to know
  2. I know you cannot ship oil based dye to CA and dont need to delve into why but are you allowed to just buy it in another state and drive home with it? Is it illegal to own in CA?
  3. Hi guys, i am making a duffle bag and decided to go with a chromexcel as ive never used it before and wanted to try it. The side i bought was the last one available at Maverick leather. I am short a bit on my design and am unable to find the color anywhere else, so i was thinking of using a different leather for the pockets and straps. Long story short, any recommendations on a type of leather that pairs well with Chromexcel? I have attached a picture of the color i bought (timber) Thank you Adam
  4. dadam38

    Rivet Help

    Thanks Frodo, i saw those ones as well. The hex cap on these are about 3/8" tall
  5. dadam38

    Rivet Help

    I am trying to find a replacement for these rivets that came off a handbag and was wondering if anyone knew what they are called? The rivet itself is 2 pieces, the long one on the right then a cap and shaft that goes over the other end. The hex head caps goes over the top of the round head and are held on with teeth. Im not even sure what to enter to search them. The post length is 5/8" Thank you Adam
  6. Does anyone know where i can find 2 1/2" belt buckles. I would like an antique brass buckle but brass would be fine as well. I am struggling to find anything that looks decent. Thank you for your help
  7. Why didn't i think of that! Thats a great idea! Thank you
  8. I was asked if I could alter a couple of belt for a customer that had lost a significant amount of weight. They are caiman so i dont think he wants to get something brand new. The problem is they look machine stitched, so if i cut off the end, then the stitching will start to come out. I dont own a sewing machine and dont even know how to use one, so would it be possible to back-stitch by hand and then hand stitch the new end? Thanks for the advice Adam
  9. I was wondering if anyone has used this nano suction sheet for iphone wallets or anything else https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/nano-suction-sheet-8-1-2-x-11-x-1-mm-216-x-279-x-1-mm I am planning on using it for my next project but want to know how other members have liked it or didnt like it. I am making a book style iphone 8plus wallet. Thank you Adam
  10. I am in the process of making a back pack, and I am going to make the top a cinch drawstring and a flap, like the picture below. I wanted to add a little flair to it by making the cinch drawstring a bolo tie. Has anyone done this before and did it work? Does anyone think this wont work? What i am worried about is that the bolo tie wont have enough tension to keep it closed. Thanks for the responses
  11. @mustangman2 They have great hardware but Im looking for more options
  12. I am trying to find twist lock closure that are more decorative. Almost everything ive been able to find is very basic. Does anyone know where i can find more of a selection besides hearts and butterflys? Thanks for the help Adam
  13. I did send an email to the supplier. I am waiting for the reply. But that is a good point, socks would soak up the oil if used for boots.
  14. I bought a side of oil tanned leather from Springfield Leather and i noticed how oily it was from the beginning. I decided to use it and i made a piece with veg tanned accents. After a few hours the oil seeped into the veg tanned leather. It doesn't look bad but i am worried about it getting into any content put into the bag. Is there a way to leech excess oil from the leather with rice or something like that?
  15. I was wondering where everyone got their blue guns from? Ive looked around and seen them for around $50. Is that a fair price?
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