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  1. So I looking to purchase another machine that had reverse and could sew leather and ended up purchasing 14 sewing machines last week. I only meant to buy 2 or 3 but messed up on the online bidding as it was my first time and they had grouped the lots. Anyhow I picked them up and here is the list. My question, is there any information like a manual for the mitsubishi? I have looked everywhere and no luck. I also can't seem to find a manual for the Singer 153W104 either. I currently use a Singer 16-141, 29 K 58 and Pearson NO 6 and sometimes the Durkopp (stitching is minimum setting and unable to change). I wanted to add a machine that sews leather a bit heavier than upholstery and has reverse. I have been testing them out and will be parting with majority but tried the Adler 67 GK and seem to love this one. I also liked the Mitsubishi. I can't get the Pfaff to grab the bobbin just yet so I'm not sure on this one. As well the singer153 needs some deep cleaning and a new motor but wanted to add the motorized cylinder to my assemblage. So I am wondering if I should keep the Pfaff, Adler and Mitsubishi or just one of these? These machines all came from an Upholstery manufacturing facility that closed down in Toronto area. Any experiences with these or any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Peg -Mitsubishi DY-330 model 22 (three of them) -Pfaff 145- H3-6/00 BSN -Pfaff 195 H3 - 6/01 CLN (sold before I loaded on the truck ) -Singer 153W104 -Singer 300W104 Singer 144W404 -Adler 67 GA-373 -Adler 67 GK 373 -Goldsworthy Rimoldi (7 needle) -Union Special 56300 U -Union Special 51300 BG -Union Special 53100 A -Bullmer Fabric cutter
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