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  1. Thanks for the info. I think I will try to squeeze the leather between two stiffer pieces pf leather and burnish the top of the leather.
  2. I have a question about getting nice edges on thin leather ( 0,8-1,5 mm) or very soft leather. I have tried to burnish them but its not easy to get a nice looking edge. Is it even possible? Or should I just sand it and paint it with some edge colour? Thanks
  3. Thanks! I use Swedish vegetable tanned leather from Tärnsjö. Its very smooth and easy to work with. The thread is Tiger thread 0.8mm. I use Joseph Dixon pricking iron often 8 or 7 /inch
  4. Hi I have been busy making watchstraps for fellow watchsavants on a Swedish watchforum. Thought I share some pics of some of the things I made. Please feel free to criticize and comment anything you thing could be better. And finally a little cardholder
  5. The price varies depending on what options you choose. See the link for more info and pricing.
  6. No the snaplock is only used when you store the clamp. You use your legs to put pressure on the jaws.
  7. I have been looking for a decent Pony/Clamp to make it easier to stitch. I bought one of those cheap ones and its just rubbish. The opening is so small so you can only stitch tiny things. After googling around I found this maker who was in the process of starting up his Clamp business. I immediately signed up for one and was placed as number five. The first one did go to Hermes for evaluation, and what I heard from Fred they liked it a lot. So after a couple of weeks of waiting I finally got it. What can I say, its amazing. The details, workmanship, quality is mind blowing. Fred is also a true gentleman to deal with. Highly recommended. And how was it to sew with? Just wonderful, best thing I bought so far.. So here is the pictures, otherwise it didn't happen. Here is a link to Freds homepage if you want more info. http://www.crafts-de...lamps_page.html Cheers Peter Nicely packaged Personal letters is always nice. Bag for storage. Pic of stunning details. Details of the leg Hinge attached with torx. Put your needle down Adjust for your height. Rubber tip for non-slipping.
  8. Tried a new kind of Ipad case. As always there are a lot of improvments but I´m pretty pleased with it so far. Here is some pictures and comments and critics is always welcome. Cheers /Peter
  9. Thanks for your informative videos. I got to say my stitching has improved tremendously since I started looking at your clips. Hope to see more in the future. Really would like to see how to get those incredible finished edges. Cheers Peter
  10. Ok, thanks for the tip. Any special reason why?
  11. Books ordered, also ordered this one Leatherwork: A Manual of Techniques by Geoffrey West.
  12. Thanks for your tips. Gonna go for Al Stohlmans and Valerie Michaels books.
  13. Can somebody recommend a good book for a beginner. Really would like a book that explains all the different tools and when to use them. Not really ready for carving and stuff , more of good tips on how to get nice finishes and stitching advices.
  14. Thanks for your kind words. I keep it my pocket so there is no need for a beltloop.
  15. Thats how I want it to work. Lets see if the bolt I bought will work. Well it only set me back 3 bucks so no big harm if it dont.
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