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  1. Hello, was wondering about the depth of inskirt rigging.. In relation to the bottom of the bar ... This is 5.5" to the botom of skirt and thinking its too deep as it behind the knee... Thinking need to be up more like 4.5" to the leather and the ring hanging below that bout 1.5"
  2. hello can yall recommend what weight mallet u recommend for stamping large areas(saddle parts) with a geometric stamp, like this pro tool G2290 (11/16") cant get a pic to upload..:/ would two lbs be about right ? gonna order from Barry king likely and does this type of geo. have a name for it style like a catagory thanks Mac
  3. honestly has anyone used the precut lace from Centralia or ebay? i know making my own is best but wondering if anybody has been able to use these...was thinking getting either the 1/4" and splitting it down to a 1/8 string or the 1/2 inch and maybe be able to get 3 1/8 strings....also thought about buying there rounds.... also thought about the 1/2 watter buffalo as they said it is quite thick then i know i could split its thickness down to that of what i need and not worry about it being to thin to split....but idk how it strethes....there is also horse anyone used that lace for buttons? Thanks, Mac
  4. wow wasnt expecting that,,.. cant get that kinda scratch at the moment... and on copy paper
  6. any guesses or ideas how much 1/2" or9/16" string ill get out of a 38" round....? just thinking bout it while im dehairing it... Mac
  7. How thick are the strings? 1/8"?
  8. Hello, Im Mac recently ive been renewing my interest in attempting to make some plaited rawhide objects, got some cow rawhide made up and have been wrking on dehairing it. so while im casing a smallish circle to cut into string, figured id introduce my self and slip a couple questions out there too... ive read both "braiding rawhide horse tack and a good portion of bruce grants book...and spent the last week going threw old post on here and while it has answered alot of questions it has created some new ones as well either from contradictory statements or etc... sooo when plaiting rawhide hair side out or in? ive heard it both ways does, is it different for reatas than for bosals, reins, hobbles etc? once i have my initial rough string cut from the hide, the "BRHT" book says to stretch the string, then jumps into making string cutters etc then comes back to string, does the string "NEED" to be stretched and left to dry and cased again or can if at the right temper it go straight to final sizing and beveling...? the book says some folk like to omit the stretching leaving to dry and then re casing as it "takes the life" out of it... well thanks hope u all will be able to help with these and the other questions ill be posting in the near future! Mac couple practice pieces to get the plaiting and knot wrk rolling in my head, yea plait got a weee bit twisted on this "RAIN DAY" bosalita but eh is only paracord... double loop lace stitched the nose button cause plaiting it was just WAY to bulky for a bosalita and the plain spiral wrap was just to Plain looking.... this was 3rd piece i made of paracord....6 plait cheeks over 3/16' rope rolled in athletic tape has a surprising li good feel to it considering the materials... 8 plait hobbles 6x7 TH made into pineapple knots... 2nd piece i made... plait came out way more straight on this bosalita...1st piece ive made
  9. well bought the Adams book...but it dosent deal with inskirt rigging? does the Stohlman books?
  10. helllo, have never ridden in anything but swell for saddles....i like the tight fit of a 15" slick seat...and sometimes a 16" but am often told that the 15 is to tight for me...i diagree.....im a 5'10" 15lb guy and dont have twig legs and i got plenty of back side... my question is for those of you who have ridden in both swell fork and slick fork is... do u feel there is a difference in seat size in the same size seat....ie does a slick fork saddle seam longer and roomier than a swell fork in length.. and second part is when deciding seat size do u need to take bucking rolls into account as they sit back further than the swell on swell forks...do u need a longer seat to accomidate this maC
  11. hello all i am looking to make my first saddle ...and am going to get the 3 stohlman encyclopedias but i can find little on what is actually covered...and i went to the tandy store to see them but they were in plastc and i asked and was told no i chould not thumb threw them...wierd...but eh... im wanting to make a wde style saddle round skirt drop ring rigging saddle but maybe inskirt rigging i read that the first book had 4 patterns...but not what the patterns were are they just scaled down on a grid and u must draft them up....or are they ? what.... what patterns does it have like what is the differences... do the instructionla volumes cover rawhide binding of cantel and horn... thanks all Mac
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