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  1. I purchased this clam direct from Fred in 2013 and it has never been used! These clamps have been subject of a couple of threads on the forum, where members have shown interest and generally enquired as to their availability, so I am tentatively ascertaining whether this interest remains? I am in the UK and consequently shipping will not be cheap. If there is interest, I will of course provide photographs and answer any questions you may have - I see that a more basic model allegedly sold on here for $850! Thank you for looking.
  2. Oh yes we do! https://www.bankofengland.co.uk/banknotes
  3. This link shows the Vergez Blanchard clam being used -
  4. This is the clam featured in some of Nigel's videos. I also have one and it is excellent http://www.crafts-design.com/content/saddlers_clamps_page.html
  5. These give good service -http://www.tyzacktools.com/category/39-sharpening-stones-ezelap-ice-bear.aspx
  6. Vincent, Look up 'Dangerous Beans' on this site or even better his website http://www.armitageleather.com Very helpful and skilful man, he may be able to help
  7. Nige, Just wanted to thank you for the detailed and even to my amateurish eyes, straight forward and professional plans that compliment the video.
  8. This thread goes back to 2009 and I was wondering whether there have been any developments of specific jigs for leatherworking tools?
  9. Peppercorn, Have a look at the following link and it should answer a lot of your sewing questions. In relation to the obtaining of materials and equipment we need to know whereabouts in this great World you are. http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=44874
  10. Cyber, As a matter of interest, do you use a face mask whilst spraying?
  11. I have just gone through the same process and following a little research discovered this site http://www.chuckbauman.com/airbrushes-free-airbrush-reviews.htm, where a Chuck Bauman gives his opinion on a few specific makes/models of airbrush. I have followed his advice and ordered one and am awaiting delivery.
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