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  1. Very lightly used Weaver Master Tools 8 ton clicker. I used to run a really small scale leather business and purchased this early 2016 directly from Weaver. I had my son a couple of months after that and never ended up opening shop again so it has barely been used. It's in great condition, one side of the cutting board is completely new and the other has light use. Inspected and tested recently to make sure it still works like new. I have the original paper manual and the stickers that came with it. It is attached to a stand and there is a shelf for storage underneath. The clicker head measures 12" x 15" and the cutting surface is 12" x 24" so it handles pretty large dies. It's heavy duty and cuts with ease. Adjustment knob for 3/4" - 1 1/4" dies. Fits in 24"x 32" of floor space and holes in legs for bolting down. Weighs approx 370 lbs Weaver Master tools product page: http://www.weaverleathersupply.com/catalog/item-detail/37758/001/156 $2500 local pickup. I'm in Southern California (north orange county). Please DM or reply here with any questions or if interested.
  2. Lowering price to $1850 local pickup in North Orange County area (CA) Thanks!
  3. For sale only. Thanks though!
  4. COBRA Class 14 Leather Splitter Complete unit with attached table and motor Like new condition, purchased last year from the manufacturer (Leather Machine Co.) Rarely used and in perfect working condition. Selling since I haven't used it as much as I thought I would and want to make space for other machinery. Includes manual and everything that came with the machine. $2000 local pickup in North Orange County area (CA). Specifications: * D-2 Steel Blade * 14″ Hand Cranked or Motorized Leather Splitter * Inspired by the Landis 30 * First of it's kind * Available on Drive Unit with Reversible Motor, or Head Only * Wheels with locking casters * Limited lifetime warranty
  5. Weaver manual 4 ton clicker. Beautiful condition, rarely used. Works perfectly. One side of the cutting board is unused. Logo sticker can be removed easily if desired. I also have the original paperwork that came with it. Located in California (Orange County), local pickup only. Asking $900, shoot me a message if you're interested. Thanks!
  6. Standard grade, which is their highest grade. Yep a little less, I paid 210+surcharge+shipping. Accidentally put the wrong number in the original post. It is 23.10 sf
  7. 5-6 oz dark brown bridle with refinished flesh. 25.90 sf. I have one side, it was purchased this month (January 2014) and purchased directly from the tannery. Selling because I am no longer in need of this color. $200 USD + shipping I am located in Los Angeles county (South Bay) if you'd like to pick it up from me in person. PM if interested, thank you!