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  1. I use them with a nylon hammer. Works just fine.
  2. Do you have an owners manual? I just got one of these today and it needs cleaning up very badly and I need to know how to adjust it. Thanks
  3. 50 % resolene and 50 % what?
  4. I guess that this is to late to ask but did you find the right rivets to use with your press? I have one just like yours and was wondering what rivets to use myself.
  5. Claire, I too saw an article about using leather bits and some sort of glue. I thought I had saved it but can't find it. I will keep looking and get it to you if and when I find it.
  6. http://www.zackwhite.com/replacement-blade-for-High-tech-leather-splitter_p_830.html
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