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    I'm sure it's been gone over before, but just wondering if anyone uses just tape for button foundations and how well they stay put? Also would like to know what a good knot would be at the end of a bosalita, besides the ring knot with the ends run back thru. Any advice or opinions or photos would be great, thanks.
  2. Kassidy

    Rawhide Rounds

    Thank you bucksnort. I will have to give that a try. So far the rounds I have been making are thicker on some sides than others and makes it tough to get a good temper for cutting soga strings.
  3. Kassidy

    Rawhide Rounds

    Any advice or tips for cutting rounds out of a whole hide so that the thickness is consistent per round. Thanks in advance
  4. Kassidy

    Wire Marked Hide

    Thanks for the help buck. Would those scars make weak spots in reata string if they aren't deep?
  5. Just wondering if these are wire scars on my hide I've been working? Also is there any way to tell if the hide is wire scarred before you work it? Thanks in advance Kassidy
  6. Thank you for the help everyone. I agree the multi string is a lot easier. Just wanted to know both methods of doing a nose button and couldn't remember the one string method but I think I've about got it. But thanks again for all your responses and help
  7. Thanks buck. The part I'm having a hard time remembering is building the foundation knot. I remember you spiral up and back to make X's but after that I'm lost
  8. Any tutorials on the one string nose button. Seen the one from Bryan nueberts video but can't remember it. Thanks in advance
  9. Kassidy

    Dying Strings

    Looking for help dying strings. I am using fabric dyes (green, red, blue, purple). Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Kassidy

    Nose Button

    I have Bruce grants encyclopedia and was wondering if a nose button can be done with any amount of strands or if its just by 3,6,9 etc.?
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