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  1. THanks for your responses It was the shuttle guard ring that wouldn't move. In the end I had to loosen the screw - seems it had been rather enthusiastically tightened.
  2. Hi, I bought a Singer 45k1 yesterday and having got it home I cannot remove the shuttle bobbin. The manual says to "take hold of the knob, pulling it slightly towards you in order to release the shuttle guard ring" The "knob" will pull (it seems a bit wobbly/loose) but does not release the shuttle guard ring. As it seems loose I dont want to pull it too hard - but what am I doing wrong????? Pulling my hair out here guys!!!!!
  3. I really like the engraved skull!!! Colouring is great too ....very nice
  4. Hi everyone, I have completed my first leather project - got the headcollar on the horse and blisters and awl stab wounds healing nicely Sorry about the picture quality, I was so excited to get it to the new owner that I forgot to take pictures myself .....mental note to myself to get the camera out hahaha
  5. Hahahahahah me too, THankyou all for the replies, I have bought a small pair of pliers and that has made life MUCH easier but I will look into smaller needles too (when I work out what size I have hahahahaha) should a smaller needle work even when you are stitching through 0.6cm??? I guess I will have to read much more about sewing and tool selection hahahahaha
  6. Hi, I am starting my first piece and have got blisters from pulling needles through the leather, what type of pliers should I get to help pull the needles through the leather without damaging the needles????? (blowing on blisters boo hoo)
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