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  1. A good place for anything watch related is www.esslinger.com.
  2. I found some decent looking stainless steel buckles at artisanleather.co.uk
  3. I'm not sure I haven't weighed it, but I would guess around 10lbs. I used about 20 sqft of 5.5 oz to make it.
  4. I used 5.5 ounce oil tan from hidehouse leather and pigskin as a lining.
  5. Hello all leatherworkers, I was recently asked by a fellow member id I had a pattern for a backpack I made. So after putting it together for him I thought I should also share with the community. It's not a full size pattern, it is drawn on 1/4 inch grid paper so it will have to scaled up. I also added my construction process/instructions with the pattern. I hope it makes since. Let me know what you think. Here is a picture of the backpack I made. The link is: https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B880XxS2yBYDTnBQc3hIUEtiNms/edit?usp=sharing backpack pattern.pdf Backpack Construction.pdf
  6. Thanks H factor I used 5.5oz oil tan leather from hide house leathers, then lined it in 1.75oz pigskin. As reinforcement where the back straps attach I have 2 layers of 10oz belt strap
  7. Thanks for the compliments, That bag proved to be a larger undertacking than I originally bargained for.
  8. After my work bag broke I decided to make this bag from pictures I found on the internet.
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