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  1. I am not exactly sure about what you want with the Colorado flag however it seems easy enough so I can do it, what type of wallets would you like
  2. Hey all you leatherworker, I am an amateur leatherworker out of Utah and I have mostly done stuff for my self however I would like to start a leather working business, if you could please give me a shoutout on whatever social media you guys have, just tell them to go follow R2leathetworks on Instagram or etsy! Thank you guys so much! Rylee
  3. i have a new leather filigree dress belt for sale when done. $150 please reply if you know any one that may be interested. thanks rylee.
  4. i am able to make finished leather goods such as purses, wallets, or belts. email me at rogersry1@gmail.com for a list of all the goods i cn make. great for any birthday or celebration! all ordrs are custom and i was gonna do the order under the table, so there will be no sales tax. Happy leatherworking thanks rylee
  5. do you still need it made, i can hand tool it for you and i can get a kit at tandy leather!
  6. hey mdubyawood, are you interested in tooled wallets, like floral designs or something? i looked at your website and all thats there is regular leather wallets. i can make anything from moneyclips to billfolds to checkbook covers. i have a couple of new floral designs for checkbook covers that i have been looking to try. i could even do a floral belt. reply if interested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks rylee.
  7. ive always loved the look of antique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. hey oddball can you post some florals please?
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