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  1. eflores

    Scrap leather

    I’m downsizing my shop due to a lot more manufacturing work and less odds and ends jobs. I have a ton of scrap I need to get rid of. Not interested in breaking it up and shipping it right now so if you’re in the Cincinnati area and don’t mind swinging by and picking it up feel free to PM me. I’ve got everything from small pieces of veg to larger pieces of printed leathers and large and small pieces of bridle leather. I will take pictures and include them in private messages if you are interested. All in all I’ve got close to 100lbs of it and I’m ready to let it go for a super good deal.
  2. eflores

    Tippman 700 Clicker press

    It’s a solid press, could use a new bag and the silencer on the base of the press broke off. So it’s a little louder than it used to be, I’m sure Tippman has a replacement piece that can be ordered for it. It has the stand, which makes it convenient to get up and running and only take up a small amount of space in a shop. All you need to get it up and running is a compressor. I can ship it and the press anywhere so feel free to ask for quotes and I will get back as soon as possible. I’m asking $1000 obo.
  3. eflores

    Atlas strap cutter

    In the Cincinnati area, I’m trying to post pictures but for some reason they’re not wanting to upload from my phone. I’ll get them when I get home.
  4. eflores

    Atlas strap cutter

    I’ve got an older 3 phase 220 Atlas Strap cutter for sale. Bought it from an auction and couldn’t install 220 in my shop so I bought a newer 110 version. It came from a saddlery shop and was ran the week before I took it home. I have plenty of spacers and blades for it though they probably need cleaned up a bit but it would be a great addition to any shop. I have been told it would be very easy to transform to a 110 servo style motor but I just haven’t gotten around to it. I can ship at buyers cost. $800obo
  5. eflores

    Tippman 700 Clicker

    Tippman 700 Clicker Press Great working shape, could use a new airbag but is still usable at the moment. I can ship upon request and shipping cost will be added, right now it is located in Cincinnati OH. $1,300 with the bag that is in it $1500 for a new bag installed. Pictures will be added soon.