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  1. I have been producing our products in Denmark but we are looking into making them in the US. I am looking for someone who can make round not rolled leather leashes and collars. There is no outside stitch. We use soft Italian leather and the inside is a nylon rope. Please visit my page to see the products up close https://hunddenmark.com/products/hybrid-collar
  2. I am actually not even bothering with a patent, you are right there is no need for that. The fact that somebody else is making a similar product is not always a bad thing. In fact many times competition is a positive and driving factor to do better. I have had several wholesalers ordering my products already so I am not too concerned. I would like to know who they are though, do you happen to know any of their names? Thank you
  3. I really like our elk leather, its extremely soft! We import it from Finland and Sweden. I have also been thinking about organic elk leather. Have anyone had any experience using that? I agree that outside stitching can look great but I personally prefer the inside stitching look on our products. I guess It is all about ones preference and taste. Anita
  4. Dear Ferg, Thank you for all your questions and I understand your skepticism 100%. Let me share with you a little bit about me. My brother opened his business in Denmark (where we are from) back in 2003. He has been selling his products since then to the Scandinavian market and to few European countries. I have just recently joined him and want to introduce these products to the American market. My primary focus is on small pet stores in Dallas/ Fort Worth area in TX where I reside. My secondary focus is on selling our products online. As you have mentioned my website is not ready yet and I know that I have a long way before it will look any good. The products are out of stock because I am awaiting my next shipment any day now but it takes a while due to customs. I have literally just established my business and have never conducted business anywhere else so I don't understand what you found about us from Chicago. (maybe somebody was using the same name?) The reason why I do not have an address on my website is because I don't have an office yet, I am simply conducting business from home and I don't want to make that address public. I know I have a long way before everything falls in place but I am just taking one step at a time starting with a good product that I really believe in and love. I am just hoping that people will feel the same way. This is one of the reasons why I joined this forum to see what experienced leather professionals like your self thought of our product. I appreciate your criticism very much, that is the best way for me to learn what I need to improve. Anita
  5. No, it is not like the piping method because there is no stitching at all. It took an engineer over 9 months to figure out how to do this and we still modified his way of doing it. Its very labor intensive! Thank you for taking your comment.
  6. Thank you all for the nice comments. I would love to share with you how it is made but we have a patent pending on this method of inside stitching and I can't reveal any details at this time.
  7. I am starting my business to sell our hand made inside stitch collars and leashes made of Italian leather and soon Elk leather from Sweden and Finland. We focus on quality leather and comfort for our dogs. The inside stitching gives the product a good finish in that no stitching is visible on the outside and no edges to bother the pet. Inside the round collar or leash is a nylon string to keep the product strong. What do you guys think of our products? I would really appreciate your opinion. www.timelypetsuppliesusa.com Thank you, Anita
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