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  1. We are by no means allowed to make those particular holsters to sell. Those are samples we use to show the capabilities of our laser engraver. We still have those holsters laying here. I wish I had permission to make and sell holsters with the handgun logos on them. Everybody asks about them but we have to give the response that they are not for sale.
  2. Thanks guys. I am using an Epilog Helix 60 watt laser. Since this post we have done a lot more creative work on our holsters. You can take a look at them. https://www.facebook.com/holsterworx.
  3. This is a service that we would be interested in performing here at HolsterWorx. We are a manufacturer of custom leather handgun holsters. I do custom make knife sheaths that are machine sewn. Being machine sewn the reduces the cost due to the amount of time saved. Please look at our work at www.holsterworx.com or www.facebook.com/holsterworx. You may contact me at scott@holsterworx.com or call me at 814-696-3927.
  4. Mark, My business manufactures custom leather handgun holsters but our main company is a large scale leather repair and manufacturing company. We have multiple types of machines that would easily build these leather bags for rests. We can also laser engrave leather which could possibly be an option for your logo. Our holster manufacturing business is HolsterWorx and we are owned by Quality Corrections & Inspections. You can check out our work at www.holsterworx.com or www.facebook.com/holsterx. I am currently building some handbags and possibles bags which uses many of the same processes that would be used in making your bags. You may get ahold of me at scott@holsterworx.com or call me at 814-696-3927.
  5. Are you speaking of skiving or splitting? I have a motorized skiver here that would definitely do the job but I do not own a splitter.
  6. I am the production manager for HolsterWorx which is a company owned by Quality Corrections & Inspections in Duncansville, PA. We have in the past made shoes and are currently making handgun holsters and other small leather goods. I would be interested in hearing what types of leather goods you are interested in having made. You may contact me at scott@holsterworx.com or give me a call at 184-696-3927 to discuss.
  7. I have read your ad and meet all of the requirements you have listed. I can provide pictures as well as references if needed. I am in Pennsylvania. Give me a call at 8142152897 or drop me an email to scottwizard@aol.com. Thanks, Scott
  8. Thanks for the kind words. It is not heavy. The copper is .003" thick. Thicker than aluminum foil but not much but with leather behind the inlays it doesn't really flex.
  9. In looking for something unique we came up with a holster with copper inlays. We tried to match the dye to the copper color. It turned out close. The copper was just peened and then coated with acid to give the antiquing look. We normally only take holsters to shows for displays but had a gentleman that just had to have this holster. At least he left us display it for the remainder of the weekend. You can take a look at my other holsters on Facebook. Just check out HolsterWorx.
  10. Ok, I've been making holsters for a while now with no issues but I'm wanting to make some things with flat backs and all of the forming done on the face. How do I accomplish this with things such as mag holders and speed loader pouches. I would like to use just 1 solid piece in front with not cuts at all. There are also some holsters I would like to try this with as well. I have attached a picture of what I'm trying to do.
  11. Does anybody know where I can get a hot or neon pink nylon thread in 207 or 277? The only thing I have found was just a standard pink, which when stitched, almost looked white. Just wasn't bright enough. We are making some holsters for women using rainbow stingray for an overlay and want a thread that will really pop.
  12. Here is an avenger style holster for a SIG P238 with a rainbow stingray overlay and pink thread for a local woman. Notice the rainbow coloring on the gun itself.
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