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  1. I've seen a few rugs done with squares of hair on cowhide stitched together with a zigzag machine stitch. Usually the squares are held together with tape on the backside of the leather and then sewn over the tape. Is this a special kind of tape or just standard masking tape which is what it resembles. Thanks for the help.
  2. I have a tandy press (the red one) with the proper adapter and 9 out of 10 spots come out like the pic below. Anybody know why? I've tried both Tandy brand spots and spots from Standard Rivet (Both prong lengths.
  3. Lauro13

    Tippman Boss $850.00

    I purchased it. Just figure I'd pipe in and save everyone the trouble of asking.
  4. Lauro13

    Cast Iron Tippman Boss

    Is this still for sale? I've tried repeatedly contacting you but haven't heard back.
  5. Lauro13

    Tippman Boss $850.00

    I can do a money order. Pm with the info. Thanks
  6. Lauro13

    Tippman Boss $850.00

    I'm interested in the machine. I'm in San Francisco, California. Do you take PayPal?
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