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  1. Hi DS, been looking for the same type of pattern myself. I've got something similar and I'll post later in the week. Going to be working out of town so bear with me. My pattern has 6 pieces for the top, 3 on each side and they are all different. Then the 'sweat band' that is attached to the bill on the front. Maybe we can sorta work together on this and get what we are looking for. Keep on Smilin Jim
  2. Hi folks, been a while since I posted. Dang but there is a lot of good work posted here. But I'm gonna post mine anyway. Tim and I did a little trading a while back and I really think I got the best of the deal. He sent me some Arizona Ironwood. He wasn't kidding when he said it was a little hard to work. I did the handle for a knife I did for my daughters boyfriend and a sheath for the knife. Got a hidden pin type strap to secure the knife. Another piece had such a pretty grain I just couldn't cut it up into smaller pieces so I did a simple shelf piece. It's got a piece of leather on it (to match one of my tattoos) so I guess technically I can post it here. If you read this Tim the book on the Rangers was great. Keep on Smilin Jim
  3. You got a deal Gunter, PM me with an address and I'll put it in the mail. Maybe a small piece of chocolate, but I'll settle for less. Like I said I'll trade for anything. I use the rocks for bases and wood for handles, I've even gotten pics of the local landscapes. Mementos like that last longer than money. Keep on Smilin Jim
  4. I also have one of the kit paks if anyone interested. I bought some "leather stuff" from a lady whose aunt did leather work 30 years ago and one of the briefcase kits was in one of the boxes. Just no briefcase to go with it. It's available if anyone wants it. I'll do like I've done some of the other stuff, I'll trade. I'll send it to whoever wants it and you can send me something in return. NO money. A rock, a piece of wood, just something from your part of the world. Keep on Smilin Jim
  5. Guess I should have posted this with the eyeglass post but I'm old and forgetful. Anyway, a friend at work wanted a gunbelt for his .45. He rides in a few shows. At HIS request, I put rivets in the billets instead of sewing on and dyed the inside of belt black. Whatever the customer wants. All that counts is that he was pleased and I got to do something I've wanted to do for a while, not to mention learning a lot. Already got an order for another. keep on Smilin Jim
  6. I needed something for work so what the heck I've had time here lately to catch up on some projects. The stamp in the front was in some of the tools I got when I bought some 'stuff' that had belonged to a leatherworker/artist (I wish I could have met her). The case design is simple(like me) but if you make one use a smaller snap, make your lacing more even, check your staining, .... oh well, you know, all the stuff you've been taught or read about. Let me know what ya think. Keep on Smilin Jim
  7. Hi Jerelk, welcome aboard. I'm no expert, just stating the obvious to begin with. I started using an airbrush to dye and finish with a year or so ago and won't go back. I've got a Bager brush and a Panache and the deluxe from Harbor Freight (and alright, a couple of others). I don't do much detail work with the airbrush. Those that do would definitely recommend a more expensive brush than the Harbour Freight brush. For general broad dyeing and smoothing they all seem to do pretty much the same job. So in my humble opinion I would recommend the double action Deluxe from Harbour Freight. When you are ready you can move up. Just remember to clean, clean, clean. Even though the brush is fairly cheap, clean it after each use and it will last a long time. One other thing, it seems to be a standard brush so bottles and such from the craft stores will fit. I tend to stay away from tools that use only containers and such made specifically for that brand, always seem to be more expensive. Hope this helps, and remember Keep on Smilin Jim
  8. Hi Bob, I just got in a lot of leather stuff and was going through the kit instructions and patterns. PM me if still interested and I'll send you either a copy or an original kit instruction sheet with patterns. Jim
  9. I'd heard oxalic acid or lemon juice. Maybe the lemon juice should just go in the lemonade. Where do I find oxalic acid? Jim
  10. Looking for a pattern for a 'cobblers bag'. Used to be in the George Hurst Leathercraft catalogue. Any help is appreciated Jim
  11. Hi folks, need some help. I just got one of those deals. I'd set up at a local fund raiser. Didn't do real well but I met a lady whose mother-in-law had an aunt who ...(you know how it goes) that had done leatherwork. She had taken care of the aunt until she had passed and now she had some metal outbuildings full of stuff. She wanted me to look at the leather stuff. There was several boxes and some leather. Made an offer and took home a lot more stuff than she had originally shown me including some leather. Had been in building for years. Sides are dry with some mold spots. Leather is not brittle but is not supple. If I cut a piece and clean with water with lemon juice and case it seems okay but... is there something I should do before cutting and casing? Should I preclean? Treat with ...? Any help would be appreciated. Keep on Smilin Jim
  12. Hi folks, Not sure if this should have been posted here or where???? Anyway, WildRose and a couple of others wanted to know about the spiral 'braid' I did on another leash I posted. Not really a braid just a couple of loops in the leather. Look at the pics and No1 shows a plain leash of oil tanned leather, riveted with a slit for the spirals. No 2, just bring the end of leash through the slit. No 3 you have started the spiral. No 4 bring the end through the slit again and then No 5 the finished leash. Sdjust the spirals as needed. If using veg tanned do the edges in contrasting colors or do 2 different colors on opposite sides of the leash. You can get a lot of effects that draws attention. Sorry if posted in wrong place. But hope it helps. Keep on Smilin Jim
  13. Hi, I did a request to see your bowl but there may have been others too. That looks good. Do you have others? I've been wanting to do some and need some ideas. Thanks Jim
  14. That's neat man, never thought of the reversed strap. Good work, keep on posting, like to see some more of your stuff. Jim
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