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  1. Thx for the compliments everyone! I’m quite pleased with how this project turned out. It took a long time to make though! I quess 2 to 3 months in my spare time, although a lot of that time went into figuring out HOW to actually make this suitcase. I quess making a second suitcase would go much faster now I know what to do step by step. @ Scootinnc, that stitch is a simple cross stitch, something like this: http://youtu.be/jFBAwFjLhHo. For the wooden frame I used regular construction wood from a local hardware store, in Holland we call it 'vuren hout', it’s imported from Scandinavia, sorry I don’t know the wood’s name in english, spruce perhaps? Anyway, its 20x30 mm in cross-section. The weight of the suitcase is 4.5 kg, not ideal for taking along on an airplane, but hey, it’s primarily a thing to look at for me anyway. I quess I’d use a little less thick leather next time, because most of the weight is definitely in the leather. I think I used 2mm thick leather (because that’s what I had), but 1mm would do just fine and save a lot of weight. If anyone wants to know how I made the vintage look, take a look at this video:
  2. My latest work, a Indiana Jones inspired, vintage leather suitcase.
  3. Thx everyone! LederRudi, I use wooden molds and clamps to force the leather over it. Each mold has two parts and the leather is sandwitched between them.
  4. Hello fellow leatherworkers, As a newbie on this forum I'd like to post my first topic, some pictures of a possibles pouch I made some time ago. It was my first leathercraft project involving making a wooden mold for the front part of the pouch. I tried to keep the design nice and simple with fluent curves all around. I'm quite pleased with the result and thanks to the wooden mold I can easily make another one!
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