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  1. I dig the non traditional tooling on the first saddle, very edgy But, being a traditionalist when it comes to saddles, my eye was drawn to the sheridan carving. Very nicely executed!
  2. The edge braiding is fantastically done! The only critisism I have for ya is that the leaves seem a little...blank. Maybe swipe some lines on with your swivel knife? Or use a veiner? I am not very familiar with hops leaves, so this advice could be completely irrelevant haha. Happy tooling!!
  3. Thank you bronc, nice to meet you I see youre from Wisconsin...what part? I recently moved to NE from Milwaukee, but I grew up in central WI... Nekoosa area. Do you know it?
  4. Very cool to meet you, I am from Milwaukee originally Moved to the great boonies of nebraska just 6 years ago! The straps you are doing are wonderful! Are you specializing in guitar straps only?
  5. Hey everyone!! My name is Casey, and am a new registrant to this site. This is certainly not my first visit to the site, I have been perusing all of your fine work for quite some time now.... just got the oomph to register and start participating/trading ideas from people all around the world!! A little background on my horse/leather history... I apprenticed under a saddle maker, who was from a time when horses were for function, not for fun. I learned all of the basics of structure, strength, ingenuity, and got a daily dose of horse history just about everyday. My teacher is a wonderful man...but he was certainly not about all the "fru-fru"...carving, stamping, etc... So, after I apprenticed with him, and learned all I thought he had to teach me, I started doing a carving seminar here and there, and decided that most of it was pretty basic. After I learned the basic tools for carving, and painting, dying, and stamping; I set out on my own. Headstrong girl, working in an industry that had been male dominant for centuries. It has been trying at times... I have definitely had as many good days as bad, and as many mistakes as successes; and has overall been a very rewarding career thus far. I own 9 horses, 2 ponies, and my resident mule (Bartholomule haha). Most of them are saddle horses, meant for ranching/cutting/riding pens, and even the occasional lazy day when we just go out for a trail ride. I own a halfling and a draft horse (a 2 year old Pertrand filly) that has been stealing my heart the last couple of months. I do own a few carts, and a wagon, and have broke 3 of my horses to pull, and both my ponies as well. We participate in the city parade every year, and boy do we get dolled up to go!! My horses are my life, any time not spent working on my leather i spent learning new things with my horses. They are all such adorable characters, and they never cease to surprise me with the willingness they have to put up with my (sometimes annoying) persistence. My life wouldnt be the same without them, and I like to think that they like me as well ) It is nice to meet you all, and look forward to learning along with you!
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