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  1. That look great it looks very professional to me what thickness of the leather did you use ? any way you could show/explain how you stitched the gusset to front and back and what those tab bits are for on the gusset ?
  2. That really is impressive. Don't think I would have patience for all that stitching I take my hat off to you
  3. love the fact you took this project on. It came out great very appealing look are you going to make a second one ??
  4. looks very good your friends must of been really pleased when they received those.
  5. Does the precut help guide the strap cutter? I have the wooden one as well. My belts are not to bad, just get narrower by about 1-2mm; to be honest I notice it, but I don't think anyone else would...hopefully I was making a collar today and lining with pigskin I cut a 2 inch wide strip the folded it over 1/2 inch each side. the idea being that if the edge comes unbonded from the bridle collar it will still look finished. First time cutting pig skin found it a little tricky to be honest. I am hoping with a roller cutter I will be able to cut nice straight 2 inch strips.
  6. Do you use this method to cut straps from thicker leather as well..after a few uneven belts with a wooden strap cutter, I'm thinking of using long straight edge and one of those cutters that looks like a pizza cutter.
  7. Thanks I didn't even think to check Ebay lol. Are the SpaceFly self healing ?? thanks again
  8. looking for a large self healing cutting mat in the UK. probably around a meter long would do me anyone know of good place and price Thanks
  9. I have taken the sharpness off on the edges off my Awl; just after the tip. so in theory it would pierce the leather with sharp tip then stretch the hole bigger, rather than cut. it sis still diamond shaped but not so angular - if that makes sense ??
  10. Thanks for the pictures really appreciated and helpful I did to test samples today. one using the full length and width (3mm) of Awl and the other just enough to get needles in.For me using it just enough gave cleaner looking results on the back. thanks again
  11. That is amazing...incredible work. thanks for sharing
  12. Thanks I appreciate your kind comments on my work I think maybe I'm getting a bit obsessed with stitching ill try using more of the blade Thanks fro kind comment on stitching that would be great if you could post pics my awl is 3mm thickness at is widest point and I am using 0.8 tiger thread. I am also using a no 7 dixon iron prongs are about 2mm wide One thing I don't like when pushed through further, it seems to look messy on back, more cut than rather than spreading leather apart (if that makes sense) thanks for comment about stitching That makes sense using a shorter awl, to achieve more consistency, and good tip on using a marker thanks for everyones input
  13. After a long break from leather working - due to illness- I’ve been trying to get my stitching improved…and have a question about using your Awl. When trying to create traditional English saddle stitch; how far do you guys push your awls through the work piece? I have been going through just enough to get needles and thread to pass. Yesterday I was looking at some stitching on Nigel Armitage’s video on a saddle stitched belt and noticed that he seems to go through a lot more and has much bigger holes than I do….is this where I am making my mistake perhaps ?? Im now thinking bigger holes would also help with the thread laying properly and add to the desired angled saw tooth look of stitches??? I’ve attached a scrap sample of my stitching which I am pleased with but should holes be bigger ?? Appreciate any input on this
  14. Thanks. I was thinking the same thing myself; bout chopping the end off it. I will get out in workshop tomorrow, and measure up I am a little disappointed on how hard it is to get work into jaws of clam...ill guess ill work it out in the end thanks again
  15. Well it has been some time since this post was created. I have finally got myself a clam, from Abbey England -had a long break due to really bad health problems- I haven't had a chance to use it yet; but it seems too long. The other problem is it is really hard to pull apart to insert my work...I must be doing something wrong ??? any ideas ???
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