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  1. I have a used hole punch that requires an air compressor. It is pneumatic and is great for strap goods. Has several dies that go with it. Also has a grommett setter. can send pics upon request. Text or call 512-588-0507
  2. I have a used siska machine with a kickpress. I bought it and have no use for it. Text or call 512-588-0150 Can send pics. The upload is not the actual machine but looks just like it Kickpress.htm
  3. Please help, I have a bgmc machine. Has always sewn great. Broke a needle the other day and ever since it is now skipping stitches every so often and is breaking needles. Have tried adjusting tension. Anyone have any ideas on what it might be?? Have caled the company and have been waiting for a call back for a few days.
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