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  1. The Art of Making Leather Cases by Al Stohlman - Vol.1, 2 and 3 All 3 books are in excellent condition. The only signs of wear are on the exterior covers (shown in photos). The pages have been virtually untouched and are pretty much in mint condition. Asking $45 for the 3 volume set - shipping is included to the US (Priority Flat Rate Envelope/Mailer). Other countries PM me for additional shipping costs. Payment through Paypal preferred. Shipping &Tracking info will be uploaded through PayPal's website.
  2. I am having a hard time deciding on what hammer to buy. In the past I have used a heavy rubber mallet for my general stamping. The 'bounce' didn't bother me. Since then I've recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and the weight of it alone tends to kill my hand pretty quickly. I've tried the yellow polymer hammer and found it extremely light and my scrawny arms didn't provide any help. The rawhide one was somewhat in that same catagory..and since I am trying to buy an entire shops worth of tools, i would rather not be spending that kind of money on a rawhide or maul. The last thing i used was a newer and smaller/lightweight rubber mallet which seemed to work ok...only because the big one was getting old and falling apart lol. This is the last thing on my list I need to open my shop back up (*crosses fingers*). What do you use or recommend? I was planning on just getting a 16oz rubber mallet off ebay...with a steel handle (instead of wooden). I have no idea if the 16oz is the same as what i had before or not. Thanks
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