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  1. Hello. Finishes are usually applied for both aesthetic and protective qualities. A finish is usually not necessary, but it just adds a luster to the leather and just conditioner by itself is alright. A way to darken the leather is to age it by applying neatsfoot oil and let it sit in the sun this will give it a suntan and repeat. Of course this is my two cents. Plus that's what I know.
  2. Well okay. I've come to a conclusion about all this. First I'm gonna get an exhaust fan or dye the leather outside. Of course that's if I use the solvent/spirit based dyes and also use proper equipment such as gloves and maybe a facemask. Two I'm gonna make the transition from using solvent/spirit based dyes to the water based dyes. Three I don't sand leather much but I do skive leather a lot. SO I would want to purchase a handheld vac just so it doesn't end up on the floor. Four In any time I would use a sander or a spray, yes I would use a respirator. But in any case I'm most worried about vapors. Especially if it's coming from the dyes. I use Fiebing's pro oil dye with a dauber. As for glues I've already started using the eco-weld glue. So far I like it. I also do have a head knife but I always use the roller knife instead, just ease of access plus the round blade can be retracted with a button. Okay thanks everyone. I do feel a bit better.
  3. Not to scare or deter anyone from the craft. I just want to know about the risks. In every profession there's always some degree of danger. I pretty much just want to settle my noggin about those risks. Because I live in a studio apartment should I be concerned about my exposure to my craft? What can I do to limit and reduce my exposure? As well as what I should look out for. This is coming from a young'n trying to make this craft a living and right now I'm not so sure if I should continue. Thanks.
  4. Greetings. I haven't properly introduced myself. So most folks call me either Rick or Mick. I've been leather crafting for about a year and I'm mainly self taught. As well I have my own Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/LeatherMandN. I'd like to become more involved in this community and as well learn more about the craft. If anyone has any questions for me don't hesitate to ask. Thanks.
  5. How about when skiving leather? Or cutting leather in general? Would this only be for fine particles? I've been working with leather for about a year and didn't think twice about it. Till about two months ago when I was searching for alternative glues to use other than Barge.
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