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  1. I’ll buy the lot if you ship it. I’ll pay for shipping cost to OR 97062. Pm me or email me at tossik@gmail.com
  2. Thanks for all the replies! I will be able to take a look at them both in about a week or two (the seller is traveling at the moment). If all goes well, I might pick up the newer one. Hopefully it will serve me well as a medium duty machine before I pick up a 441 close or such...
  3. So if it is a 4 way then it is a good purchase at $800 or should I pass and get something else? which of the two is a better bet?
  4. I have a chance to pickup one of these Pfaff 335 machines locally for $800 for one. Are these any good for leather/canvas work? I currently have a Juki DNU-241HS flatbed, and I am also in the market for a heavy duty 441 clone or similar. Will this machine be a good middle duty machine? I mainly do small wallet/accessories and will be expanding into bags/satchels more once i get a 441 type machine. Anyone have any experience with either of these, where they can recommend one or the other? PFAFF 335-901-1935-002/005 Pfaff 335-G-H3
  5. Few pictures of the machine. Happy to send video of it working also
  6. Selling my 10 Chase Splitter I purchased from Bruce a few years ago. Photo of actual item. I can add more photos/videos if interested. In excellent condition and super sharp blade. Asking $500 shipping included (domestic).
  7. Where in Canada? send a photo to tossik@gmail.com?
  8. 20 ton still there? Price?
  9. Got the one from Ali, cant complain for $12 lol. Works real nice!
  10. Are the slots just glued on inside the pockets? I dont see stitching. What did you use inside? cloth?
  11. $480 for a stick?! What are they on! I mean yeah it looks cool but seriously? and all the extra tips are like $90 each. Like others have mentioned, I can get a lot of other fun toys that justify their cost. Thanks for the tips on the glue used there though. I want a thin alternative to the weldwood I use now.
  12. Interesting, never thought about thinning contact cement. I will have to give it a shot. Thanks!
  13. Any ideas on the glue used for the strap? looks very watered down. I like that as I have only contact cement and sometimes it is just too thick.
  14. I saw those on ebay as well, but the one in the video looks very neat. Hoping someone recognizes it
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